Arturia Efx Fragments, a new granular effect plugin with a creative feature set

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Arturia Efx Fragments is a new intuitive granular plugin made to explore the concept of sonic granularization creatively and musically,

Arturia’s FX Collection 2 is a bundle of high-quality effects. From emulations of vintage classics to modern effects with updated classic ideas. What was missing so far are experimental plugins. But that will change. The first premieres today.

Efx Fragments is a new easy-to-use granular effect processor plugin with many creative features that will keep you busy for a long time.

Arturia EFX Fragments

Arturia Efx Fragments

Efx Fragments is a new granular effects processor plugin with a plethora of creative features embedded in an intuitive user interface. It features three distinct mighty modes of granular processing: classic, rhythmic and texture. As the names say: one is for more classic granulized effect, one that transform everything in motion and rhythm, and another for drones, textures, etc.

The resizable user interface, not the best color tbh, is very simple and intuitive. Central visualizer gives you real-time visual feedback of the granular process. The interface offers separate modules for the different functions including the grain capture, grain release, pan, FX, modulators, and more. You get handy function such as transient & snap-to-grid grain quantization as well tempo-synchronization.

Efx Fragments also features unique spray and randomization that giving ever-evolving, moving ambiances and textures. The built-in pitch-shifter has a wide range from +/- 3 octaves (36 semitones) and gives you additional scale quantization. So you can also play the granular sounds very musically.

Modulation & Effects

To break out of the static sounds, Efx Fragments includes a set of built-in modulators: two custom macros, three customizable function generators, an envelope follower and a built-in step sequencer for the ultimate rhythmical boost. And to refine the global granular sound, it also ships with a wide range of effects which are at the end of the signal flow.

Starting with a dedicated pan and spatial module that gives you full control over the ambience and stereo field. Then, you get two FX slots with vintage-style and modern algorithms incl. tape echo, multi-filter, reverb, and more. If you love it more dirty, you can activate the grain crush in the middle of the user interface. It authentically emulates the outputs of the legendary CMI V and Emulator II V that give your sounds a dirtier, more characterful, rich timbre.

Lastly, Arturia ships the plugin with a set of professionally-designed patches with which you can start and experiment immediately.

Any company can get me with granular. A granular effect from Arturia is surprising and will certainly enhance the upcoming FX Collection 3 massively.  The plugin has many interesting ideas, sounds very good and is a lot fun. I hope they come up with an alternative color scheme for UI at some point.

Arturia Efx Fragments is available now for 99€/$99 USD and runs as a VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. There are discounts up to 60% OFF for the launch for existing customers.

More information here: Arturia 

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