UVI PX SunBox, virtual instrument inspired by JoMoX SunSyn hybrid Synthesizer

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UVI sampled the unique JoMoX SunSyn hybrid Synthesizer from Jürgen Michaelis in detail and created the PX SunBox a virtual instrument from it with over 400 presets.

The synthesizer past was not only shaped by the big ones like Moog, Roland, Yamaha but also by small companies. They often created very different electronic instruments that offer other concepts. Many of them fell nearly in oblivion. The French company UVI specializes in preserving the sounds of such vintage synthesizers.

This time, they captured a very rare, unique instrument from Germany in a new virtual instrument for their Protoype Series, the Jomox SunSyn.



As a reminder, the SunSyn by Jürgen Michaelis (JoMoX) was released in 1999 and is an 8-voice hybrid Synthesizer. The concept is special because the synth is split into 8 discrete modular mons synths.

Each voice has two analog oscillators and two digital oscillators with tons of waveforms and sample support. It uses a morphable 4-pole analog filter with individual control over each pole’s cutoff frequency. SunSyn is anything but a simple synth. But thanks to the many control options, you could program it on the fly.

The UVI sound designer team used a restored JoMoX SunSyn to create the new PX SunBox. That wasn’t an easy task, says UVI. However, the library does not want to be an accurate emulation. They sampled the SunSyn in great detail and the results are over 30000 samples (4.88 GB of FLAC lowless content) which they put into 452 presets.

Virtual Instrument

PX SunBox is not a static rompler but a fully editable virtual synth instrument. You have a dual-layer engine with poly/mono modes with glide, filter, ADSR envelopes (amp/filter), pitch shifting, stereo modes, LFOs, step modulators, two arpeggiators, and a set of digital effects (drive, ensemble, sparkverb…). No secret, the engine is based on UVI’s flagship software Synthesizer Falcon 2.

The interface is very reminiscent of the SunSyn, only deeper because it uses several pages. Everything on the hardware was in one place which was a bit more hands-on.

It is certainly not a SunSyn emulation, but a nice, CPU-friendly option to get the sounds of this very rare German hybrid synth from the past.

UVI PX SunBox is available now for macOS and Windows for an introductory price of 49€ instead of 79€ (until July 12th, 2021). It offers native 64-bit standalone operation by way of Falcon or the free UVI Workstation, providing comprehensive support for all modern DAWs and simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

More information here: UVI 

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