UNO Sounds, IK Multimedia releases free sound libraries for all UNO users

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IK Multimedia is giving its UNO synth and drum family over 600 new sounds available as a free download from the new UNO Sounds one-stop hub.

A few years ago, the Italian software company IK Multimedia entered into the hardware synth and drum machine area. With the UNO Synth and Drum, they have launched two portable analog instruments that are affordable and have a solid sound quality.

With the full-featured 3 oscillator UNO Synth Pro, they entered the professional Synthesizer sector for the first time at the beginning of 2021. Today, IK Multimedia published fresh sound content for all three instrument that is free of charge.

Uno Sounds

IK Multimedia UNO Sounds

UNO Sounds is a new one-stop hub/platform for the UNO product users that gives you over 600 new sounds for the UNO Synth Pro, UNO Synth, and UNO Drum. The advantage of this is the centralization of the sound pack management. Instead of downloading them all individually, you can now conveniently download them from the Product Manager software.

All you have to do is connect your UNO instrument to your computer and run the IK Product Manager. Once done, you can download the sound via the synth editor.

Uno Sounds

The platform offers new sound presets from well-known artist, DJs, sound designers and YouTubers. For example, you can find presets from HaqAttaq or Suit & Tie Guy from STG Soundlabs. For the UNO Drum, you can find many new vintage kits from legendary brands.

IK Multimedia promises that they will regularly update the range with more content. Great to see this news as you can’t get enough sounds. And the UNO Synth Pro is one of the best Synthesizer releases of 2021 and thus it’s great to have new sounds that can show new facets of it. You can check out the full review here.

The content on the IK Multimedia UNO Sounds is a free download for all UNO users.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

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