IO Instruments Kalyke, a colorful dual function generator is available now

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IO Instruments Kalyke, a SB21 premiere, is a colorful, affordable dual function generator with a unique feature set (ratchets…), is out now

IO Instruments is a young German company from Berlin that designs affordable Eurorack modules with interesting, colorful designs. At Superbooth 21, they presented some new modules.
One of them is Kalyke, a feature-rich dual function generator that is now available.

IO Instruments Kalyke

IO Instruments Kalyke

Kalyke is a dual function generator for Eurorack that bundles an advanced LFO and a feature-rich ADSR envelope in a 16HP module. The LFO offers various waveforms thanks to continuous morphing from pulse (20-50-90%), sinus (720°) up to triangle (680°). There is also a repeat function that creates LFO ratchets from 1-14 repeats but also ones that runs in a loop i.e goes endlessly. The ADSR can also be mixed onto the LFO with a dedicated potentiometer.

Then, you can turn it into a sample and hold generator.  You also set the phase shift, offset, and choose between slow/fast rates. Connection side, it comes with comes with a positive and negative CV output as well CV inputs for the waveform, tempo, and reset.

Expanded ADSR

There is more. Besides the LFO, you also have a feature-rich ADSR envelope. It offers various continuous curve shaping (exponential to linear response), a loop functionality (attack to release), as well as two unique features. First, there is a ratchet that creates up to 16 different multi repeats of attacks. Secondly, you get a freezer that freeze all your settings to keep them at exact positions.

The module gives you controls for the A, D, S, R segments, buttons, as well as different CV connectivity. You will find two ADSR CV outputs (positive/negative), two trigger outs (one at end of attack and another at end of decay), gate input, as well four inputs for each segment.

So far there is not a demo available of the module but you can find short presentations from the last Superbooth 21.

At first glance, this is a very exciting dual function generator with a special feature set. The Rachetes and Loop feature are certainly great creative tools.

IO Instruments Kalyke is available now for 154€

More information here: IO Instruments

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