Waldorf M firmware 1.07 adds PPG Waveterm Transitions replay, filters and more

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Waldorf has updated its next-generation Microwave Synthesizer M to firmware 1.07 with new PPG Waveterm transitions replay, new filters, and more.

At Superbooth 21, Waldorf presented the M, a wavetable Synthesizer that brings the sound and feature set of the legendary Microwave into the modern age. Since the official release there have been some exciting firmware updates with which they gave the M an engine boost.

Today the next new firmware was officially released with the update 1.0.7 which among other things, introduces PPG Waveterm transitions replay.

Superbooth 21 Waldorf M

Waldorf M Firmware 1.07

The new firmware 1.07 for the Waldorf M wavetable Synthesizer is another big update. Biggest new feature is the PPG Waveterm Transition replay that allows you to use the second oscillator as a 8-bit PCM oscillator. You can playback here one of the 64 transitions that can be saved into the internal flash memory. Alternatively, you can use load them from the SD card to the M. The PPG Waveterm Transition replay function comes with an entire engine with a wide range of parameters.

Waldorf says you can make, for example, a 4-channel drum machine with analog and digital VCF on each channel or a multi-sampled layered patch. Plus, the OSC1 stays free to play its own wavetable. It was his dream feature for the M, says Vladimir the developer of the M.

Then, you benefit from various wavetable scan limiting settings for the modern mode including a new travel sound parameter. The LFO1 and LFO2 now comes with additional fast and slow modes making them more versatile. Waldorf also adds a bit reduction parameter (Derez) i the modern mode that allows you to reduce the bits from the normal 16-bits samples of the oscillators.

Users can also now use new MW2 VCF models in the modern mode including Notch 12dB / Oct, LP 24dB/Oct, BP 24 dB/Oct,HP 24 dB/Oct, Notch 24 dB/Oct, Sin Waveshaper + LP 12 dB/Oct, Dual LP/BP 12 db/Oct, BandStop 12 dB/Oct. Also new is an additional glide mode with linear and exponential settings. There also few other little things and many bug fixes.

Looks like a very exciting free update for all M users. But Waldorf I and many others have another question.

Waldorf Kyra Update?

The M has received numerous nice updates in recent months. But when can we get an update for the Kyra virtual analog Synthesizer. There have been very few updates since the official release. On the official forum as well as others, complaints about bugs and feature request that would be very useful are pilling up.

Ireally hope that Waldorf will give the Kyra more care, because it’s a very good VA Synthesizer with a lot of untapped potential. It doesn’t seem to be a huge success either, because the price is dropping more and more

Waldorf M firmware 1.07 is available as a free download from the Waldorf website. M is out now for 1777€.

More information here: Waldorf Music

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