Waldorf teases “Working. Under. Pressure.”, new poly aftertouch Synthesizer in the works?

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Waldorf teases “Working Under Pressure” will the developers of the Quantum/Iridum/M bring a polyphonic aftertouch Synthesizer next?

The Superbooth 22 can already be seen on the far horizon and the first company is already drawing attention to itself. With a teaser.

The German company Waldorf shared a mysterious photo post on the social media channels this Sunday morning.

Waldorf working under pressure

Waldorf Poly Aftertouch Synthesizer

In the photo you can see a keybed installed in a gray housing with a Waldorf logo with the words Working Under Pressure written on it.

What does Waldorf want to tell us here? Certain is that they are currently working on something new in the labs in Germany, possibly for Superbooth 22. The emphasis on pressure is very exciting here. Maybe, the developers are working on a highly-expressive pressure-sensitive instrument, i.e. a polyphonic aftertouch Synthesizer à la Hydrasynth.

I could very well imagine it. A kind of next-gen Blofeld with poly aftertouch keyboard. Mighty wavetable engines are there. You can find them in the Quantum/Iridium or in the new M. They only need to implement and fine-tune it for a new synth. We can be curious what Waldorf will show us in 2022.

More information here: Waldorf 

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