Tronix-Audio ORIGAMI, an analog resonant EQ wavechanger for Eurorack

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Tronix-Audio Origami, a new analog shaping module that is wave shaper/folder, characterful VCA, EQ, compressor or strong resonator in a single module

Origami is the art of paper folding. The more creative, the more exciting it is. In synthesis, you can also find the concept of folding. Here, you fold audio/sounds to make it more complex, harmonically richer. From gentle to complete destruction, everything is possible with a shaper module.

And a new module is called like the Japanese paper folding technique. This promises to bend/fold sounds in many directions.

Tronix Audio Origami

Tronix Audio Origami

Origami (12HP) is an analog wavefolder/waveshaper for Eurorack that can fold/shape all waveforms including a square waveform. The circuit is built so that it is not just a classic wavefolder/shaper. It can be a unique characterful VCA, an EQ, a compressor, a strong resonator, or a distortion.

It is capable to add deep base to your sounds, create rich harmonics or sonic destructions including lo-fi bit-crushing timbres. Origami has four sound shaping parameters (raw, fold, quake, jet), each with a CV input. So you can manually control them or automate them with modulators.

By using the dry output on the right side, you can also achieve stereo sounds. In the linked video you can hear the module in action. Sounds very special and different.

Tronix Audio Origami is available soon as an assembled module and as DIY project.

More information here: Tronix Audio 

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