Rift 2.0, Minimal Audio adds multi-band processing to its crazy distortion plugin

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Minimal Audio expands its wild, distortion plugin Rift in version 2.0 (free update) into the world of multi-band processing and more.

With the free plugin Rift filter, the young company Minimal Audio takes the first step in audio plugin development in May 2021. That was just a little appetizer. Then came Rift, a creative, wild multi-fx distortion plugin with a special signal processing approach. It distorts the positive (upper) and negative (lower) halves of a waveform separately. This rare technique is called bi-processing.

Multi-FX because Rift packs tons of algorithms and effect processing in a single plugin. From 30 custom distortion algorithms (wave shapers, wave folders, noise, bit-crushers…), delays, feedback up to filtering. Plus, you get MIDI tracking from your keyboard a complete, playful modulation engine. Rift 2 is out now, a free update with more to explore and experiment with.

Minimal Audio Rift 2

Minimal Audio Rift 2

Based on its bi-polar signal processing, Minimal Audio continue the distorted, raw adventures of Rift 2.0. The new update introduces flexible multi-band effects to achieve a wide range of sounds. You can send any combination of distortion, feedback, and filtering through a multi-band crossover to keep the effect exactly  in your preferred frequency spectrum.

Then, the bright, white interface was one of my criticisms of the first version. In some places it was a bit disadvantageous when working. Rift 2 introduces a new dark and light mode. You can switch between a white and black interface. That’s a great to see. On top, they developers strongly reduced the CPU load of the plugin.

Minimal Audio Rift 2


The rest stays the same. Well, the feature set is anything but small: 30 custom distortion algorithms, pre/post distortion morph filtering with 24 stereo filter types, physical modeling feedback/delay effects, rich modulation engine (curve sequencing…)… A rock-solid update for Rift, multi-band processing will make it much more interesting.

And don’t miss the free plugins Rift Filter Lite and Rift Feedback Lite. Two very exciting free plugins that you should not miss.

Minimal Audio Rift 2.0 is available now an introductory price of $79 USD/79€ (reg. $129/129€). The update is free of charge for existing Rift users. The plugin runs as a 64-bit only VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Minimal Audio

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