Modalics Bitfuzzer, a new bitcrusher and distortion effects plugin, FREE for a limited time

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Modalics has released Bitfuzzer, a new bit crusher and distortion effects plugin for macOS and Windows; it’s a free download for a limited time.

If you want to give your sound character, you can’t avoid effects. Overdrives or distortions are suitable for this. Modern distortions that also have ideas from synthesizers, such as waveshaping or wavefolding, work well here. It’s not dirty enough, no problem. You can also work with bit-crushers that smashes your audio signals even more. 

Modalics, the developers of the fascinating BEAT SCHOLAR drum machine plugin, have released Bitfuzzer, an effects processor that fits in this category. The best thing about the release. it’s a FREE download for Christmas 2023.

Modalics Bitfuzzer

Modalics Bitfuzzer 

Until now, the young company Modalics has not been known for effects plugins. They were more in the rhythmic and melodic area.

Bitfuzzer is their first FX plugin and bundles bit-crushing, fuzz, distortion, and filtering in a processor. Modalics promises that it’s an unholy alliance between all these types. 

The core consists of a bitfuzzing algorithm supported by a flexible filter and EQ section, helping you to shape perfect distortion timbres. 

First, you can adjust the signal volume that goes into the effect using the input controls. Then, in the middle of the interface, you can find the bitfuzzing and filter section.  

Bitfuzzing offers three controls: gain, crush, and hold, allowing you to craft the perfect crunch/distortion tone that matches your sound or track. 

The filter section contains a highpass filter and a synth lowpass filter with resonance control. Plus, it hosts a 4-band EQ that gives you more options to fine-tune your timbres.

Further, there is a parallel mode that opens up additional shaping possibilities. This unlocks another filter and independent control of the dry and wet signals. Perfect for adding punch and character to your drum tracks or supercharging your basses with massive fuzz, says Modalics.

If you want to work with higher-quality distortions, Bitfuzzer also has an oversampling option. The 1x version is great to save CPU but you can also go up to 8x oversampling for punchier and cleaner harmonic generation. 

First Impression

Looks like an interesting new distortion FX plugin. I think it works great for adding character to classic sounds. It’s a free download so a good reason not to ignore it. And if you don’t like it you can always uninstall it

Modalics Bitfuzzer is available now as a free download until January 1st, 2024. After this promotion, the plugin will be available for $29. It runs as a 64-bit only VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Windows).

More information here: Modalics 

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