Puremagnetik Lore 1.0.2 with new creative effects and new album Small Winters plus plugin

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Puremagnetik updates its sound design environment Lore to version 1.0.2 with new creative effects and new music + looper plugin Small Winters.

The developers from Puremagnetik have been working on a new project called Lore for some time. This is a unique modular sound design environment or more simply a multi-effect plugin that is packed with experimental sound manipulators. Including spectral processing, granular, and more.kc

Exciting here: Lore is an open-source project, developed by Puremagnetik artist and lead developer Micah Frank and supported by monthly patrons. He constantly updates the plugin with new features. Recently PM released a 1.0.2 update with great new features. And there is new music for your music player plus a free gift for all supporters.

Puremagnetik Lore 1.0.2

Puremagnetik Lore 1.0.2

Lore 1.0.2 is a free update introducing a new modular effects section. There is now a new “routing & effects” section that hosts 4 creative effects.

Cassette is an analog-style cassette effect processor with controls for age (warble), dirt (debris), audio dropouts, and stereo shift. A perfect processor to add crackles and a vintage character to your sounds. Then, you get a particle delay that is similar to Puremagnetik’s Partikl effect plugin. It consists of granular chopping, delay time, and feedback.

The third effect is a filterverb aka a modulating algorithmic reverb effect with a Moog-style ladder filter. Lastly. there is a new convolution reverb (ImpulseVerb) with a collection of different impulse responses. A solid update for the Lore sound design workstation.

The Lore code is open-source and available on Github under (CC BY-NC 4.0). Patreon supporters get VST and AU plugin versions for PC and Mac. Non-supporters can, however, check out Lore for free but need to compile the code into a plugin.

Puremagnetik Small Winters

Puremagnetik is not only a plugin manufacturer but also a music label with very talented ambient musicians. The latest album release is called Small Winters by Taylor Deupree. You can get the new release on Bandcamp. Anyone who gives $3 or more for the album, Puremagnetik adds on top the new Small Winters plugin for free.

Puremagnetik Small Winters

Small Winters is a granular looper that loops up to 12 seconds of incoming audio that you can record onto 3 separate tracks. Each track has independent modulating loop points that can travel across the recording’s duration. As we know it from granular sampling/synthesis.

This technique allows you to produce creative phrases and textures that can take on a life of your own. The plugin is well suited to building textures with different layers.

The new Lore 1.0.2 update is free of charge for existing customers. The source code is open-source and available on Github. If you want the plugin version, you can support the project for $9 USD per month or $89 USD per year.

Small Winters by Taylor is available now on Bandcamp with a name-your-price tag and for $3+, you get the plugin for free through June 28th, 2022.

More information here: Puremagnetik  Bandcamp 

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