Teenage Engineering OP-Z gets a VST and standalone sound editor from Momo

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Momo unveils the Teenage Engineering OP-Z sound engine and makes it accessible in a standalone app or VST editor for your DAW. 

With the OP-Z, Teenage Engineering has a groove box on the market that is special. It has a very unique design, very portable, battery-powered, mighty engine, and a minimalist operating concept that polarizes. You will look in vain for a display. LEDs and labels are used for programming on the device. If you don’t want to do without a display, you could previously only use the OP-Z app, which is both the entire video engine and an editor.

Now there is another OP-Z editor. It’s from Momo.

Momo OP-Z editor

Momo OP-Z editor

Unlike the official one, you can integrate the Momo OP-Z editor into your DAW. It gives you all 8 tracks into one plugin interface with direct access to all the parameters. Something that is not possible so instantly in the app. You can also create automations within your DAW.

Each engine block is also equipped with a XY pad for modulation that you can assign to any parameter you want. Pretty nice, he also added parameter randomization for instant new sounds.

Further, you can also select the projects and patterns within the editor. However, the editor doesn’t give you an option to change the existing sequence. That’s a bit pity. Momo ships the editor with a standalone version for everyone who works without a DAW. A software that can be very useful for many OP-Z users. And it doesn’t cost much.

The Momo OP-Z editor and controller is available for macOS and Windows as a VST/AU plugin and standalone app for €6.90.

More information here: Momo 

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