OMG Instruments BlueARP DM, hardware 8-track arpeggiator

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OMG Instruments turns it beloved BlueARP plugin in a standalone hardware 8-track pattern arpeggiator called BlueARP DM.

With hardware, software or hybrid, every musician has their own workflow. Each world has its advantages and disadvantages. A well-known code has now made it into a hardware device that was previously only available exclusively as a plugin. More precisely, the BlueARP plugin from Oleg Mikheev.

BlueARP by OMG Instruments is a deep MIDI arpeggiator plugin with many nifty features loved by many electronic musicians. Now the plugin comes as hardware and DAWless musicians can finally musically explore Oleg’s excellent MIDI processor.

OMG Instruments BlueARP DM front

OMG Instruments BlueARP DM

BlueARP DM (desktop module) is a powerful hardware 8-channel pattern arpeggiator based on the BlueARP plugin. Inside runs a Cortex-M4 ARM CPU that is capable of running 8 independent arpeggiator channels in parallel.

Each channel/instance has its own program with up to 64 steps and can store up to 128 programs. You can also chain up to 8 programs in a chain and store up to 16 in a single instance. There are also up to 16 meta-chains where each meta-chain hold chain numbers for each instance.

OMG Instruments BlueARP DM frontpanel

The standalone version (desktop module) has all the features of the plugin including the ability to switch chains on the fly, automation for almost all controls, chords, real-time quantization, and more. But it also as some new functions that the plugin doesn’t offer.

For example, the BlueARP DM can be a MIDI message monitor, showing you all incoming and outgoing notes, CC, RPN and NRPN messages:


On the connection side, you get a USB/MIDI port (device mode), and a USB/Midi port with host mode for MIDI controllers. Then, two MIDI inputs and four MIDI outputs (DIN) as well as four analog output can be either CV or gate signals. It also has an analog input for a pulse or clock signal from a modular system or sequencer. There is also a slot for a SD card for storing and exchanging presets.

OMG Instruments BlueARP DM

Oleg Mikheev, the developer promises an old-school interface experience with a quick workflow. The device is operated with a large data encoder, 16 buttons with running LEDs for programming and other function buttons. This is joined by two large 256×64 pixel OLED displays giving you a full overview of your pattern editing page, and more.

If you are not an exclusive member of the DAWless community, there is also an editor plugin for your DAW that can also be used to remotely control the device. Full overview of all parameters and in the design of the original BlueARP plugin.

I’m glad to see that this MIDI processor plugin pearl has made it into hardware. It looks very exciting and powerful.

OMG Instruments BlueARP DM will be available in February 2022 for $730 USD (649€+-) + taxes + shipping. There will also be a white version for $760 USD + taxes + shipping and will start shipping February 2022.

More information here: OMG Instruments 

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