Elliott Garage Released EG WaveSHAPER Synthesizer For iOS (AUv3)!

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EG WaveSHAPER Synthesizer is a new waveshaper/wavetable synth for iOS with AUv3 support and the possibility to create complex waveforms with one finger!

Elliott Garage, known for several well made iOS music apps has released today EG WaveSHAPER, a new Synthesizer for iOS with AUv3 support. As the name already suggest, the synth is based on waveshaping/wavetable synthesis engine that features two fully customizable oscillators. Both sound generators can be morphed to get more complex sounds or even mixed with virtual analog & a sub oscillator.

On the modulation side, you can find 2 drawable LFO’s and 2 envelopes. Three additional onboard effect processors (crush, delay and reverb) gives you the option to refine the sounds. EG WaveSHAPER Synthesizer comes also with over 100 presets (bass, fx, lead, pad) designed by best-known iOS sound designers.

Elliott Garage EG WaveSHAPER


‘Waveshaping is a synthesis-and-transformation technique that turns simple sounds into complex sounds’ 2 wavetables can be designed and morphed to create unique and dynamic sounds under your finger, choosing the morph attack and release; complex spectra can be created waveshaping the oscillator and introducing non linear distortion, rich harmonics and a tube-vacuum behaviour.

The hybrid Waveshaping/Wavetable engine lets you combine a wavetable oscillator with a classic oscillator and a sub oscillator, to add additional sound layers and depth. 2 LFO and 2 Envelopes with indipendent time can be assigned to virtually any of the synth parameters. They can also be graphically designed with the touch of your finger or you can choose among the builtin envelopes.


  • Hybrid Wavetable/Waveshaping engine
  • Draw your wavetable oscillator with your finger
  • 100+ presets (Pad, Lead, Bass and Fx)
  • 30+ builtin waveforms to use and modify
  • 2 LFOs and 2 ENVs assignable to any parameter
  • FX: Reverb, Delay and EG Crush
  • Detune osc to create huge unison sounds
  • FM and Noise with configurble FM Ratio and Noise eq
  • VCF and Reso filters
  • Complete presets management with export and share
  • Core MIDI: MIDI in, MIDI CC, MIDI channel pressure control
  • AUV3 with full knobs parameters automation
  • Universal for iPad & iPhone

Elliott Garage EG WaveSHAPER Synthesizer is available now for $11.99 USD from the Apple App Store.

More information here: EG WaveSHAPER Synthesizer

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