Bragi Modular WYRD, 4×4 performance-oriented matrix mixer from the Vikings

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Bragi Modular WYRD is a new compact, performance-oriented 4×4 matrix mixer module for Eurorack with a unique offset functionality. 

Vikings and music. That fits together. See ValhallaDSP. Vikings move with the times too. They also recently started putting patch cables in modules. The bleep and blops sounds are simply fascinating. They even develop modules under the name Bragi Modular. Whether they have super power, who knows, hehe.

What I know for sure, Bragi Modular has a new Eurorack module at the start.

Bragi Modular Wyrd

Bragi Modular WYRD

WYRD is a new compact 4×4 matrix mixer. The advantage of a matrix mixer is its flexility. You can use it to route audio signals from multiple source to different destinations. WYRD has four inputs/outputs and each channel has four dedicated potentiometers. So you can route signals to different areas with one turn.

The module is DC coupled and thus you can use it for audio and CV signals. One feature, however sets the module apart from most other matrix mixers. It’s the offset fader at the bottom of the module that lets you offset all four outputs (A,B,C,D) with 5 volts in either positive or negative direction. This functionality allows you to create complex modulation chains and then use the fader to affect all outputs. Something that can work very well in live performances and interactions.

Bragi Modular says that they are using high quality components from mechanical parts like the pots and fader, to the electronic components. The panel is made of annodized, black aluminium with laser engraved graphics. And according to the developers, it has a very low power consumption.

An interesting new performance-oriented utility module from the developers with the Viking helmet.

Bragi Modular Wyrd is available now for 160€.

More information here: Bragi Modular

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