Casio CT-1000V, new keyboard with vocal synthesis is coming soon

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The Casio CT-1000V will be a new keyboard/Synthesizer with vocal synthesis, a leaked photo shows a first look at the red/black interface. 

Casio and Synthesizer? That was a long time ago. More specifically in 2012 where they released the WX-P1 and XW-G1 synthesizers. Indeed, very good names for instruments. In the last few years there were no pure Casio synths on the market. The focus was on home and entertainer keyboards. A category where I personally know almost nothing. Not my field.

In December there was some movement in the Casio and Synthesizer theme. The company released a teaser video with a new instrument that will be introduced in January 2022. The product has not yet been released but there is another flashy teaser from Casio.

Casio CT-51000V Vocal Synthese

Casio CT-1000V

According to the latest information, the keyboard will bear the name CT-S1000V and will uses the AiX Sound Source engine from the CT-X keyboard range. Casio also officially says that the keyboard will offer vocal synthesis.

On the Gearspace forum, a user shared a leaked photo where you can see part of the interface. Thus, a leak, something we all love. We can see many buttons, few knobs and a screen. There are controls for the volume, K1/vocal type, K2/portamento, tone, rhythm and registration, play/stop, and more. Shortcuts and terms that stand for vocal synthesis

What will Casio show the excited Synthesizer friends in December? That is the question. To me it looks like they are combing an easy vocal Synthesizer with a rhythm box. The interface indicates such a keyboard. It’s a guess/speculation, I’m not entirely sure.

It is unlikely that Casio is daring the big leap back into the Synthesizer sector. The CZ will not make a comeback in January, I’m pretty sure. It will be something with vocal synthesis. How deep it will go will be seen. I think it will be very easy and hands-on.

I look forward to the final product this month.

More information here: Casio

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  1. Crazy that Casio refuses to utilize the tried and tested Cosmo range of synthesis. With today’s technology they could easily incorporate the entire original Cosmo rack, CZ,FZ,etc, into one killer synthesizer. Make it backwards compatible and with decent hardware, keyboard and such, they’d have a sure-fire winner.

  2. I hope they come out with it, and I like the fact that it’s a rack, and I hope it’s successful! Maybe then it will make some of these other companies come out with racks also.

  3. No rack from my view plus it shows keys,,just hope it’s professional grade (no speakers)with top quality sound software

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