Komplete Now, Native Instruments’ new $10 subscription gives you plugins and sounds

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 Native Instruments goes to the cloud with its Komplete products with Komplete Now for $9.99 featuring a selection of plugins and sounds. 

With its Komplete 13, Native Instruments has a huge bundle of high quality virtual instruments, effects, contact libraries and more. It is packed with NI classics like the Massive family, Kontakt 6 sampler, Absynth 5, FM8, and more. For a long time I have been convinced that the bundle will also end up in the cloud in the near future.

At a time where many developers are daring to take the step. And I was right. The bundled products are now also available as Komplete Now subscription. But different from what I expected.

Komplete Now

Komplete Now

Native Instruments today announced the release of Komplete Now, a new subscription offer to sit alongside their perpetual portfolio of products. Contrary my expectations, KN does not have everything K13 has to offer to date. It’s more of a curated selection of plugins and sounds that will continue to grow.

For $9.99/9.99€ per month or $99 USD/99€ a year await you the next-generation of Massive called Massive X, a Now Edition of the Battery sampler with 50 tailor-made kits, and  three Kontakt Play libraries including Cloud Supply, Hybrid Keys, and Lo-Fi Glow. Then, you get the Retro Machines Mk2 for Kontakt this packed with vintage synth sounds as well as two effect plugins, Raum and Replika.

The next addition will be Melted Vibes, another Kontakt Play libraries that brings extra-wavy sounds to the Komplete Now service.

At first glance, a bit disappointing to be honest. I would have expected a lot more here, especially with a product that includes the name Komplete. So it’s more a light product. Sure, starting at $ 9.99 USD is quite cheap, but you don’t get very much. I hope the content grows quickly so that the package becomes more interesting.

Native Instruments Komplete Now is available now for $9.99 USD/9.99€ per month or in the annual sub for $99/99€. You can try Komplete Now three months for free and it gives you the freedom to cancel the subscription at any time.

More information here: NI

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  1. Stupidity from NI, is anyone surprised? This is a total joke, just like the company. I wouldn’t pay 99 cents for this. But then again I would never be stupid enough to rent software month after month either.

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