Endlesss is now 100% FREE, Studio with Windows support & more

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Endlesss, the fantastic online jam platform from Tim Exile is breaking new ground: cross-platform for FREE with all functions, Studio now with Windows support and the community becomes part of the company. 

In times when you are at home a lot, you can only jam for your yourself. Yes, it’s possible to jam with others, but only via cumbersome data transfer processes or via a plugin that connects your DAWs via the network like Steinberg VST Connect.  But it’s anything but perfect and glitch-free.

Tim Exile officially launched Endlesss in early 2020. A music app and platform that revolutionized online jamming. A software that fits exactly into our current time. It enables you to jam in-real time with friends from all over the world. That in groups, with direct communication via chats, and without audio chaos.

 Endlesss free windows

Community spirit is very important to Tim Exile, the developer of Endlesss. The aim of the app is to expanded the community thoughts to a music making level. Instead of just discourse on music, the app wants to bring musicians together. Whether professional, hobby, influencer… here, everyone jams with everyone. That is very impressive.

The implementation too. Everything is backed into an online sample-based groove box with the possibility to sample live, make remixes of other jam parts, etc.

Then, the next step were a desktop version called Endlesss Studio made possible with the help of a Kickstarter campaign back in 2020. And this version is just as exciting as the iOS version if not more. The Studio version plugs in any DAW on the market and opens the gate for deeper online collaborations.

The app has so far followed the freemium model: free download, participation in the jams but with limited functions. An additional subscription unlocked the extra functions. The plugin, on the other hand, was only available for cash. BUT there have recently been major company and financial changes that many will be happy about.

Endlesss Studio

Endlesss is now 100% FREE

The best news first. No matter if macOS, Windows or iPad/iPhone, Endlesss is 100% free from now on. Bye bye paywalls and hello complete functionality for everyone  No  If that’s not great news for Christmas. With the big step, Endlesss will hopefully gain more popularity and grow into a large community-driven platform. That’s not all.

Windows Support

Hello Windows, it’s finally here. Endlesss now also runs on Windows as a VST3 plugin. Like on macOS, it’s a completely free download with no hidden costs.


In addition to the free step and Windows, the community concept is also extended to the company structure. They try to implement concepts of Blockchain technology, Web 3.0 and NFT to create a new ecosystem for the app and community. This will be archieved with the introduction of an Endlesss Token ($ ESS) in the near future giving you an ownership stake in the future of the platform.

How many you get depends on how much you have supported in the last month. This includes the Studio plugin purchase, an active subscription, Kickstarter backers… 16,5% is also sold to investors in order to fund development and capitalise the E Foundation. A very deep topic that extends the topic of this website. So I recommend you to read the complete transition statement document from Time Exile to find out more about the future.

Endlesss is available now as a free download with all features. No subscription. Studio runs as a VST3/AU plugin on macOS and Windows. The app is available for free on the Apple AppStore.

More information here: Endlesss

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