Behringer 1601, who wants a vintage ARP sequencer replica for Eurorack?

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Behringer today unveiled the 1601 and asks the community, if they should recreate the ARP sequencer in Eurorack

Behringer is known to announce new products like a rocket launcher. In good times, one every day. However, it has been a little quieter in the last few weeks and months. Due to the current chip shortage around the world, it may be that things are slowed down in order not to keep customers waiting too long.

Shortly before the end of the year they take off and show a prototype of a clone/replica of the ARP 1601 sequencer in Eurorack format.

 behringer 1601 sequencer

Behringer 1601 Sequencer

The original ARP 1601 sequencer is a 16-step sequencer that offers for each (sixteenth) note a slider for adjusting the pitch. The Behringer 1601 sequencer will be an authentic clone/replica of the original ARP sequencer. Unlike the original, it will use modern CV/gate protocols with which you can connect also on modern analog synths. According to Behringer, they added a useful V/Hz converter on it.

But Behringer needs your help. They ask if you are interested in such a sequencer. They write:

We built a prototype of the iconic ARP 1601 Sequencer and also added a useful V/Hz converter, which makes it a perfect companion for the 2600 Synthesizer.

Please note that we have not decided to put the 1601 in production and like to have your opinion. Would you be interested in the 1601 Sequencer?

In my opinion, yes. With their 2600 synth, they made a great-sounding replica of the ARP 2600. For little money and which is in the meantime also available.  Thus, a replica of the 1601 would make definitely senses and would be the perfect partner for the 2600.

Behringer 2600 is available now for 498€, the lowest price so far. The 1601 is a prototype.

More information will follow here: Behringer

Behringer 2600 is available at our partner 

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  1. Definitely – DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! (But please make it in colours that match the blue and grey special editions as well!)

  2. I’d rather see this in the same format as the 2600. IMO, this makes more sense as a 19″ rack mountable desktop unit like the 2600. That’s a lot of HP for a relatively basic Eurorack sequencer. I guess the Behringer desktop module IS rack mountable with the rack ears, but the aesthetic doesn’t match up with the 2600. Especially, not with my Gray Meanie!

  3. Yes, definitely I would buy one as I’ve been looking at the DIY clones but I don’t have the time and patience for this.
    Please make one!

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