VoicAs Q^Mix, clever 4-channel polarising audio/CV mixer for Eurorack

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VoicAs Q^Mix is out now, a new clever 4-channel polarising mixer module for Eurorack with useful extras for audio and CV signals. 

Mixers are essential tools in the Eurorack system. You can use them to mix signals together or use them creatively.

From VoicAs, the developers of the very characterful LEDRover and Reduxer modules, comes a new very simple mixing module with a neat feature set. Already presented at Superbooth 21 but now available (or soon depending on shipping delays).

VoicAs Q^Mix

VoicAs Q^Mix

Q^Mix is a new four channel mixer suitable for audio or control voltage (CV) thanks to DC coupled inputs. So you can mix your audio tracks but also modulation to create more advanced modulations out of it. The design of the module is special: each channel hosts a three-way mode switch. According to VoicAs, the Q^Mix is half of a MixVert8r module.

Each channel gives you the option to switch from regular positive volume control to bi-direction control. On the second position, you get a mute stage which is a useful in performance. There is also a logarithmic attenuation on the output stage.

A classic mixer but with nice, helpful functions. Definitely one of the most exciting low-budget mixers I’ve seen so far.

VoicAs Q^Mix is available now for $59 USD.

More information here: VoicAs

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