Arturia Black Friday sale, 50% OFF on V Collection 8, FX Collection 2 & Pigments

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Arturia has launched its Black Friday sale with a 50% OFF discount on the V Collection 8, FX Collection 2, and Pigments wavetable Synthesizer.

The countdown to Black Friday is on. Now another big player has jumped on the BF train. Arturia has announced its Black Friday sale with 50% discounts on its flagship products including the V Collection 8, FX Collection 2, and the Pigments Synthesizer plugin.

For those of you who are afraid that Arturia’s V Collection 9 or FX Collection 3 will be dropped after the big sale, I can calm you down. There is no new big collection release planned for 2021. Either way it would be cheaper now than paying the full price during the release anyway.

Arturia Black Friday Sale

Arturia Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday Sale includes three different products. The V Collection 8 is Arturia’s flagship virtual instrument collection with 28 different titles that includes emulations of analog synths, digital synths, organs, acoustic pianos, electric pianos, and string machines. They are not just simple recreations but each plugin has additional functions such as more waveforms, effects, etc.

V Collection 8 features three new plugins (Emulators II V, Vocoder V, Jun-6 V), updated plugins (Analog Lab V, Stage-73 V, Jup-8V), as well as all other best-known emulations from Arturia.

FX Collection 2 follows the same concept as the V Collection but in the effect section. It includes recreations of iconic analog and digital effect processors as well as new developments. The second version comes with 22 plugins where 7 are brand-new including Bus FORCE, Comp DIODE-609, Phaser BI-TRON, Chorus JUN-6, and more. Plus many effects received major updates.

Also in this year’s Arturia Black Friday Sale is the Pigments Synthesizer plugin. Initially a wavetable synth, it is now a multi-engine synthesizer with granular, virtual analog, wavetable, and additive synthesis. All that combined with tons of filters, effects, a deep modulation system, and an easy-to-use color-coded user interface.

Arturia V Collection 8 is available now for 299€, FX Collection 2 for 199€, and Pigments for 99€. The Black Friday Sale is valid until December 8th. Don’t forget: if you purchase at PB, you get an addition plugin for free and you support Synth Anatomy. Big thanks in advance.

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  1. I’m upgrading to an M1 machine soon and I’m tempted up upgrade my V Collection from 5 to 8 but there’s no promise that upgrading now would include the native updates whenever they end up shipping them =\

    • I reached out to Arturia support regarding this and they said that a purchase of V Collection 8 now would include an Apple Silicon-native update whenever it ships!

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