Korg ARP 2600M reviews and sound demos incl. Loopop, BoBeats, Red Means Recording…

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The first in-depth reviews and deeper sound demos of the new Korg ARP 2600M analog Synthesizer have popped up on YouTube.

At virtual NAMM 2021, Korg announced the ARP 2600M, a replica of the original ARP 2600 in a smaller format with some useful extras. It took a long time, almost a year, but Korg has meanwhile sent the first test units to well-selected YouTubers.

The good news: the NDA was lifted today and YouTube is now full of brand new ARP 2600M videos. All are waiting to be viewed or the other way around. They are waiting for your clicks, comments, and thumbs.

Korg 2600M reviews

The selection is large and colorful. There is, of course, a super detailed 34mins+ video manual from Loopop, videos from BoBeats, Red Means Recording, or a simple but classic sound demo from Bonedo. I think there is something suitable for everyone.

Korg ARP 2600M Reviews

The ARP 2600M is Korg’s answer to an affordable ARP 2600 replica. Not as affordable as the Behringer 2600, but in collaboration with ARP and some interesting features. It is around 60% the original size, making it lighter, more portable, and easier to place and use in a studio.

The ARP 2600M is based on the original circuit but with some improvements. So you get three oscillators, noise generator, 4012/4072 filters, ring modulator, two envelopes (AR/ADSR), sample & hold, spring reverb, built-in speakers, and more.

The developers also added normalized voltage to it. In practice: the threshold of the ADSR trigger signal has now 5V making it much easier to use in combination with other gear such as Volcas or Eurorack modules. Also, they improved the attack and release time ratios.

Another handy new feature is the USB host to which keyboards and sequencers can simply be attached with a normal USB cable. They also added DIN MIDI In and MIDI CC for the pitch-bend, mod-wheel, and portamento ON/OFF.

A few years ago we all wanted to see a replica of the legendary ARP 2600. Now in 2021, we have so many and there is one for everyone. Behringer’s 2600 for little money (569€ – 629€) in three versions. The ARP 2600FS (already discontinued) for the ultimate vintage experience and now the ARP 2600M for all who want vintage, the ARP brand, and additional functions. But at a relatively premium price.

I’m happy to see that the ARP 2600M is about to be released. When the units will arrive is not known. Due to the chip shortage, longer supply chains… there are currently large delays everywhere.

The ARP 2600M is available soon for $1799 USD.

More information here: Korg

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