Eventide brings its TriceraChorus swirling tri-stereo chorus algo in a dot9 pedal

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Eventide infuses its novel chorus TriceraChorus algorithm in a compact, hands-on effect pedal, its fourth release in the dot9 series.

The H9 algorithms are Eventide’s gold. Even after so many years, the effects are still among the best on the market. They are available in the epic all-in-one H9 pedal, in plugins, and even in AUv3 apps for iOS.

Recently also in compact pedals named dot9 series. These focus on a single algorithm with hands-on control. The newest dot9 addition is a new chorus effect based on the novel TriceraChorus algorithm.

Eventide Tricerachorus

Eventide TriceraChorus

TriceraChorus is the fourth release in the new compact dot9 pedal series format with full parameter control on the interface. It is a digital effect that offers a tri-stereo bucket brigade-style chorus with a built-in swirl. The pedal uses three chorus voices and three unique chorus effects: chorus, vibrato, and chorale. The knobs left, center, and right expands the sonic capabilities of the pedal in the stereo field.

The main controls are split into two-knob layers. The first row includes mix, rate, detune, and mix env, rate env, and pitch in the second layer. The second row gives you control over the stereo spread (L/center/R) as well as delay, filter, output level. It sounds deep, but the implementation is straightforwardly done via a push on a button.

Then there are also two footswitches. The active offers latching or momentary while swirl activates psychedelic-style flanging, phasing, and univibe-style tones. Yes, presets can be saved like in the other Dot9 pedals. You have five presets on the pedal itself, plus more via the dedicated Eventide Device Manager PC/Mac application.

Eventide TriceraChorus


The backside remains the same. It has a guitar/line level input with a mono/stereo switch, a stereo output, expression pedal input, and USB port. The guitar/line level switch is handy, because so the pedal works nicely not only with your pedals but also with synths, and other instruments. You also have MIDI capability over TRS, to integrate into more complex setups, if needed.

Another great dot9 pedal. I like the format very much because you now have full control with your hands on the specific algorithms without menu diving or using an editor.

Eventide TriceraChorus pedal is available soon for $299 USD.

More information here: Eventide 

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