Puremagnetik Klome, a physical modeling drone texture Synthesizer plugin

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Puremagnetik Klome is a generative Synthesizer that combines a physical modeling engine with a drone generator to create endless crystal-like textures

One advantage of the plugins is the feature density. Here you can often get a lot for little money. But this can also be a disadvantage, especially if these are implemented very unintuitively. Puremagnetik from the US, a developer studio and music label has been causing a stir for some time. Instead of stuffing plugins with features, their designs are very minimal and simple. Often with just a handful of features making it super hands-on.

The releases mostly focus on modern sound design concepts, often found in the experimental realm. Today, Puremagnetik published Klome, a new utterly unique Synthesizer that makes crystals sing

Puremagnetik Klome

Puremagnetik Klome

Klome is the second release in the new Lores plugin series. It is a new generative, texture Synthesizer that uses a physical modeling engine with filters and a tonal subtractive synthesis drone generator. The operation is split into two levels. The first is implemented very artistically with crystals where each represents a different parameter (timbre, density, and tonality). If you turn these, the sound will change. It’s a very simple and technically free operation. There is also automation for the crystals available.

Then, you can go deeper into the engine via the hidden menu. Drone sets the level of the subtractive sustained drone. Bubbles control the sharp LFO that creates rapid tonal changes in the percussive voices. Width controls the width of auto-panning and space the built-in reverb processor. The latter has feedback, reflection, and room size as parameters. Plus, you can use the MIDI input to change the tone frequencies.

Klome is capable to generate endless textures, pulses of wooden and metallic idiophones. The sound reminds me a lot of a west coast, Buchla-like synthesizer but with a very glassy sound. As if the sound comes entirely from crystals. Not to forget is that all the Lores releases are open-source and available on GitHub under (CC BY-NC 4.0) as a Csound project.

Puremagnetik Klome Synthesizer is available now as part of the new LORE subscription for 9€/month or 89€/year. You get monthly a new plugin that brings sound and visual pieces to your production or listening room. After the month, it will be available in the back catalog for 15€. It runs as a VST and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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