Cherry Audio VM900 Collection, Moog Modular 900 series emulation for Voltage Modular

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Cherry Audio VM900 Collection, an authentic emulation of the Moog Modular 900 series with 26 recreated modules for Voltage Modular. 

The Moog Modular with its 900 modules is legendary. This is no secret and no news. Even 36 years after its official introduction, you can find it in many music studios. In the original version or in the many replicas. From expensive (Moog, Synth Werk) to very cheap and affordable from Behringer. The 900 modules will continue to live in 2021.

There are also multiple emulations in software, either on the macOS/Win plugin side or even in iOS for on the go with the Model 15 app from Moog himself. And today we got another emulation. This time for the “Eurorack” inspired modular Synthesizer plugin Voltage Modular.

Cherry Audio VM900

Cherry Audio VM900

The VM900 Collection is accurate emulation of the Moog Modular 900 series modules. Not only did the developers try to recreate the sound as closely as possible, they also remade the look and feel of the modules into their software emulation.

The collection features in total 26 modules with the same features as the original with no additional. This decision was a key point in the development as they want preserve the panel layout, the early-modular operation also in their software version. It includes the following modules:

  • VM900 1630 Frequency Shifter
  • 900-1 Blank Panel
  • 900-2 Blank Panel
  • 901 Oscillator
  • 901ABBB Oscillator
  • 902 Amplifier
  • 903 Random Signal Generator
  • 904 Low Pass Filter
  • 904B High Pass Filter
  • 904 BCA Filter
  • 905 Reverberation
  • 907A Fixed Filter Bank
  • 911 Envelope
  • 911A Dual Trigger
  • 912 Envelope Follower
  • 914 Fixed Filter Bank
  • 921 Oscillator
  • 921ABBB Oscillator
  • 923 Filters Noise
  • 927 Multiple
  • 928 Sample Hold
  • 958 Keyboard VCO Interface
  • 960 Sequential Controller
  • 962 Sequential Switch
  • 984 Matrix Mixer
  • 995 Attenuators
  • CP3 Mixer

The module set also ships with ready-to-use presets.

A nice release with which you can immerse yourself in the world of the Moog Modular 900 for little money. Since the VM900 Collection has no new functions, it can also serve as a patch librarian for many hardware owners (original or clone).

Cherry Audio VM900 Collection for Voltage Modular is available now for an introductory price of $79 USD instead of $99 USD.

More information here: Cherry Audio 

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