Cableguys NoiseShaper, a plugin that sends noise on a modulation rollercoaster

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Cableguys NoiseShaper, a new chapter in the ShaperBox 2 plugin series that combines noise sources with rhythmic, evolving modulations 

Sounds and tracks live not only from the magic of instruments but also from good effects that harmonize together. Modulation comes into play when you want to give the effects life and movement. No simple followers but elements that are part of the track. They can also shape the track in a new direction.

Since we’re talking about shapers. Cableguys ShaperBox 2 is a plugin that does this perfectly. It is based on a deep fully customizable modulation engine with built-in effects that can be modulated in various ways. The highlight is the possibility to draw in own shapes. From simple LFO-style movements, rhythmic sequences to advanced motions, the engine is a modulation paradise. And now Cableguys are expanding the ShaperBox 2 family with a new noisy member.

Cableguys NoiseShaper

Cableguys NoiseShaper

Like the other effect engines, the NoiseShaper runs in the ShaperBox 2 plugin, which means that it fully benefits from the same, so much beloved features. Using noise as an effect is certainly a bit unusual. Everything has to be noiseless, noise-canceling headphones … in our lives.

Here, we add it because it is a versatile sound design tool to achieve various results. The various noise sources make this possible. Cableguys has teamed up with BT (Brain Transeau) to craft a rich collection of different mix-ready noise sources available in different categories. Including classic ones (basic, modulated, broken), organic (fizzy, scraping, outdoors, bubbling, weird), and analog-style like such as vinyl, tape, preamp, or hum.

The developers also added features such as trim, mono, and filters (low-/high pass) with which you can tailor the noise source to your sound/track. Then, you can also trigger the noise via three frequency bands making unique effects possible. And yes the noise sources are embedded in the well-known ShaperBox 2 engine. So you can set the noise completely in motion according to your ideas.

Cableguys NoiseShaper 2

Modulation Paradise

The modulation engine available in the Shaper plugins is one of the deepest on the market. Big plus there is no LFO waveform choice limitation. The limitation is your imagination. Either take the pen and paint your modulations in the interface or choose one of the preset shapes. It’s great fun. They can run freely, or synchronized to a beat in your DAW. A ducking mode and an envelope follower are also available.

The idea of combining a box full of crazy noise sources with the mighty shaper engine is exciting. It’s an instant character boost for your tracks. From crackling background effects (vinyl, VHS…), broken digital textures, or even a fake reverb. Yes, it is capable to add room to your snare sounds without having a reverb. That’s the magic of noise.

A very interesting extension for the ShaperBox 2 engine. I really like that the developers focus on noise as a creative tool and do not try to eliminate it from your tracks. Anyone who wants to spice up their clean sounds here is a creative option.

Cableguys NoiseShaper is available now for an introductory price of 29€ instead of 50€. The ShaperBox 2 bundle is on sale for 89€ instead of 283 and includes all the shapers. It runs as a VST, AU, and AAX on macOS 10.9+ and Windows 7 +.

More information here: Cableguys

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