2hp Cat oscillator is back with a partner module for the ultimate meow experience

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2hp has revived its truly unique cat synthesis oscillator for Halloween in an advanced v2, supported by the catnip module delivering the ultimate meow sound experience.

A modular or Eurorack Synthesizer consists of oscillators, filters, envelopes, LFOs, etc. Basic modules how I would describe it. Often you can hear the desire for innovations and other ideas with which you can push sounds in new directions. Not another 3340 VCO with basic waves. Thanks to more and more digital modules, a lot has happened in the recent past. There are brilliant module examples (Mutable Instruments, Qu-Bit Electronix…) that show what is possible in Eurorack today.

There are also very weird examples from Error Instruments or 2hp with their Cat oscillator. The latter is a digital oscillator from 2018 that can reproduce various cat sounds using cat synthesis. For Halloween 2021 the 2hp Cat module returns in a reworked v2. It doesn’t come alone, the Cat also has a partner with whom they bring the ultimate meow-scapes into your Eurorack system. Beware, your cat in the studio could get jealous.

2hp Cat v2 & Catnip

2hp Cat v2

Cat v2 is the official sequel of the unique Cat Synthesis™ VCO with an upgraded sound engine running at 24bit and 96kHz. This can generate a variety of different cat tones. From a grumpy, relaxed adorable purring, to a young one that is full of energy. All possible moods of a cat bundled in a 2HP wide oscillator.

Like on the predecessor, you can control the main parameters (mood, age) with CV. The age control, here the pitch, offers 1V/oct input so you can even make the cat sing melodies. With a gate to the Pet input, you will achieve unheard feline-like noises.

2hp Catnip

The cat did not make the long way out of oblivion alone. She brought her best friend with her, also a module. Catnip is a multi-effects processor that puts the crazy cat synthesis method even further. The developer promises something truly spooky with different flavors including grumpy, nyan, smuge, keyboard, and LOL. It sounds like the effect is an infusion that turns the cat into a terrifying monster. Perfect for Halloween night.

And in the case where you want to know more about 2hp, here is an interview with the founder Stephen Hensley. 

For everyone who wants to have cat sounds in their rig, a huge wish is now coming true. The idea is fun and refreshingly different. I’m looking forward to swarm of cat sounds that are chased through delays and reverb. And yes, the cats on synthesizers in space t-shirts become thus sonic reality.

2hp Cat and Catnip are now available separately for $99 each. They are also available as a bundle for $159 and are only available up until Halloween.

More information here: 2hp 

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