haQ attaQ looks back on 14 years of iOS music making in its new documentary

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Jakob Haq has published on its YouTube channel haQ attaQ a new documentary that summarises the evolution of the iOS music-making platform from 2007 to 2021. 

An iPhone or iPad for making music is still a no-go for many. But not for everyone. A large community has formed in which mobile musicians help each other, review apps, work closely with developers, etc. The first apps started 14 years ago. Today many AUv3 plugins can keep up with the quality and sound versatile of the Windows/macOS plugins. But often at a fraction of the price.

My good YouTube colleague Jakob Haq aka haQ attaQ has published an impressive documentary that looks back on the last 14 years of iOS music-making. I highlight this one because I’m deeply rooted in iOS. I made my first big steps as Synth Anatomy in the iOS world, making synth sound demos named “7 minutes with an iPad synth”, reviewing apps, etc. But the website and channel grew out of this topic. Now I’m covering a lot more including hardware, plugins, music, and more. But the iOS platform remains a great love for me even.

From Apple introducing the first iPhone, to AUM and AUv3 Multi-bus routing, here’s the Evolution of the iOS Music platform from 2007 to 2021. It’s been 14 years in the making and a lot of stuff has happened since it all began. The introduction of the AppStore, The first iPhone Synthesizer, Audiobus, Inter App Audio, the first iPad Pro, Audio Unit Extensions, I’ve collected all vital miles stones in a time-line spanning over a decade and I’m finally able to share it with the iOS Music community

iOS News?

And if you ask why I report less about it. Please contact Apple why they killed the app affiliate system for media publishers. This has taken away the financial power of many blogs and YouTube channels. The most recent victim is Tim Webb’s excellent IOS music-making blog Disccord that recently went offline.

Thanks to the Synth Anatomy Patreon community, I will continue to report on the interesting news from the iOS and AUv3 app front.

More information here: Jakob Haq

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  1. damn, 14 years. i got my first ipad [the 1st mini] in late 2014. havent done much music wise on it, but love the sequencers and using them with real synths. its crazy awesome. i always loved portable music making, from a palm me with a tracker to the nintendo ds with those r4 cards and another tracker [nitrotracker!] and then the ipad mini, with all the trackers for it. lol.

    havent seen a haq video in ages though. and the two websites i used to visit, musicappblog and discchord are long gone now. i think back in ’17 is when i stopped visiting and watching ios videos.

  2. tom, happy you’re reporting on anything iOS.
    yes, it’s a real shame that apple stopped the affiliate program. i’m glad for those who have been able to survive.
    i remember when it all started for me as audiobus was released. what a ride it’s been, and still is!

  3. just wanna say “thank you tom” for all the nice infomation including ios app news. you are my place to go (:)) so i need not to search everywhere for pearls in the deep blue sea.

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