Superbooth 21: Buchla collaborates with TipTop Audio on affordable 200 Series Eurorack modules

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At Superbooth 21, Buchla announced an official collaboration with TipTop Audio on affordable 200 series Eurorack modules starting at under $200/module

Having a Buchla synthesizer is a dream for me and for many other synth friends. These are very special instruments with a very own concept and a very organic sound. Not comparable to a classic analog Synthesizer. Some west-coast ideas have been adopted in modern synths such as complex oscillators, wave folding, waveshaping, lowpass gates,…

The biggest obstacle so far for many Buchla interested parties was the price. At € 700 + for an oscillator, getting started was anything but cheap. But Buchla will become affordable in near future, thanks to great news from Superbooth 21. It flashed me so that it became my highlight of this year.

Buchla Tiptop Audio Superbooth 21

Superbooth 21 Buchla TipTop Audio

Buchla has announced an official collaboration with TipTop Audio on Eurorack versions of the classic 200 series modules. TipTop Audio has studied the original circuits for the past three years and adapted them for the Eurorack format. A highlight here: these new modules will be very affordable and will make the Buchla workflow accessible for many musicians. For example, the 258t oscillator will cost between $160 and $200 USD or the 281t quad function generator maximal $210 USD.

For Buchla, this is a game-changing moment in their history, a word I don’t like to write. Here it is true because the Buchla becomes a reality for many musicians and not only remains a dream of wires. Buchla says:

Buchla has chosen to partner with Gur Milstein and his Tiptop Audio team to lead a reissue of Don Buchla’s legendary 200 Series modular synthesizer system in Eurorack format. The two companies have been working together closely on bringing Don’s 70’s synthesizer modules back to life while making the previously rare circuits affordable and accessible to the current generation of musicians and artists.

Buchla TipTop Audio

Eric Fox the CEO and co-owner of Buchla says

“When the opportunity presented itself to work with such a reputable company as Tiptop Audio to help reimagine the original 200 series in a new form factor, I jumped at the chance. I knew they had the talent and infrastructure to bring Eurorack users for the first time ever an official and genuine sense of the classic Buchla experience at a price anyone could afford. Gur’s enthusiasm and passion towards these designs are very infectious and clearly points to a long and creative partnership for years to come.”

The first modules will be:

  • 258t dual oscillator
  • 292t quad lopass
  • 257t dual voltage processor
  • 266t source of uncertainly
  • 281t quad function generator
  • 245t sequential voltage source

The first Buchla TipTop Audio modules will be released end of this year. More modules will arrive in 2022.

More information here: TipTop Audio

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