Superbooth 21: U-he previews MFM2 More Feedback Machine 2.5, major free update

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At Superbooth 21: U-he previewed an upcoming big free 2.5 update for its MFM2 More Feedback Machine plugin with new features, new GUI, and more.

U-he was also represented with a booth at Superbooth 21 or better say with its own tent. Urs Heckmann and his team presented hardware and software news on which they are currently working.

On the software side, there will soon be a large free 2.5 update for the MFM2 More Feedback quad delay plugin with numerous new features, all-new GUI, and more.

Superbooth 21 U-he MFM2 2.5

U-he MFM2 More Feeback Machine 2.5

Immediately noticeable is the new user interface with which the developers are trying to make the plugin clearer and simpler. With a new matrix, the delay groups are now color-coded and you can see directly in which connection they are, i.e. the routing. This comes with a new preset browser that is already known from other updated U-he plugins. There will also be a massive feature boost for MFM2 in version 2.5.

The four delays now come in two groups to make it more intuitive. For each group, you get a new input section with gain, transient, and a filter. The gain functionality allows you to create wild modulations like stutter edits. Then, it includes a transient designer that gives you more flexibility on how to apply the delay effect. Either on the whole sound, only on the transients, or free of transients.

Further, you get new feedback effects including a new granular pitch shifter and a diffuser effect. The latter is based on a network of all-pass filters and is capable of generating endless reverbish sounds.

Uhbik-2 ?

When asked about Uhbik-2, Urs said that the project is delayed and will not be published until 2022. And an update for Filterscape is also being planned.

The upcoming MFM2 2.5 will be a big update and existing owners will be very happy, I’m sure. The new features definitely raise the plugin to the next level. It’s like getting a new plugin for free.

U-he MFM2 2.5 were presented for the first at Superbooth 21. It will arrive this year and it will be a free update for existing customers. The plugin is currently available for $79 and will get a new price for the 2.5 release.

More information here: U-he 

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