Superbooth 21: Mayer MD900 X-VA wavetable Synthesizer, first look & sound demo

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At Superbooth 21, Mayer has introduced the MD900 X-VA, a new flagship multi-timbral wavetable Synthesizer with hands-on control, drum instruments & more.

First of all, sorry that the website wasn’t up to date in the last days. I’m at Superbooth 21 in Berlin and do video coverage. So there is no resource left to manage the website but I will add the news a bit later.

Somewhat hidden in one of these private rooms, Mayer from Austria had his booth. As early as 2019, the developer showed me a complete digital synth built into a Eurorack module. In 2021, they give the engine more room, refine it, and put in a new flagship desktop Synthesizer named MD900 X-VA Synthesizer.

Mayer MD900

Mayer MD900

The MD900 deserves the name flagship synth. It has 16-voices, 4-part multitimbral, and offers multiple synthesis types including virtual analog, and wavetable. The parts share the 16 voices here but have their own effects section, arpeggiator, and step sequencer. The structure is the same for each voice. You get two digital oscillators, each can run either analog-style waveforms or wavetables. You can expand the internal wavetables (256 waveforms) by new ones from Xfer Serum, for example.

The waveforms can be morphed and modulated via PWM, Hard Sync, Formant, phase Distortion, and other wild algorithms. So basically what we know from soft wavetable synths. Then, you have a mixer with a noise generator from a sample-based oscillator. From here, it goes into a multimode filter with classic analog-style filter types (Moog, SEM…) with a self-oscillation option. The outputs are in stereo and the entire signal path as well.

Mayer MD900 black

It also hosts an entire effect section for every layer (A, B, C, D) and offers different algorithms including delay, reverb, chorus, and more.

Modulation is also onboard and is handled by a modulation matrix with 24 slots including amounts between 0-100% and reversed polarity. You get three envelopes, three LFO, and more.

Clip Launching & Sequencer

There is also an onboard sequencer and arpeggiator. I can handle up to 64 notes patterns that can be recorded in an Ableton Live style clip launcher. Every layer (4x) has its own clip section where you can trigger patterns. Plus, you get a drum instrument part that is independent of the 16 voices. It offers 5 drum parts, each with uses samples that are organized into kits with 14 different sounds. So you have 4 synth parts + 5 drum parts, so basically a little workstation.


The interface is very clear and logical. There are many knobs and certain areas (oscillators, noise, envelopes…) are equipped with an additional color display that shows a parameter more precisely. Very nice.

On the connection side, you get MIDI on 5pin sockets, two USB hubs, thanks, a stereo input, outputs, and more.

First Look Video

My first impression is very positive. The MD900 has a nice interface, the little colored displays are visual menu diving helpers. The sound is also very high quality and fat. Only the price is a bit high. But understandable because it is handcrafted by a one-man show in Austria. But still an amazing development.

The Mayer MD900 is available to check out at Superbooth 21 and will be available next year for around 3000€.

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  1. I love it, what a beautiful build ,a dream its now here ,sounds pristine ,love multi screens ,hope ye sell lots , huge price , id say with updates it will be worth it , For the next Edition I’d love Drum Pads , 32 track sequencer , Sampler ,32 voice ,€4000,i would buy , I no sorry I’m never happy , it reminds me of what DSIs Tempest early designs were like , this is close , very nice .

    • The Tempest from DSI was and remains an incomplete instrument that never came close to the capabilities of this synth. Ever!

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