Happy Nerding adds TR-808 voice emulations to the FX AID modules

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Happy Nerding adds Roland TR-808 drum machine voice emulation algorithms in its mighty but compact FX AID/AID XL modules.

As you know, I’m a big fan of the FX AID module from Happy Nerding. Thanks to its constant algorithm updates, it has gotten deep into the hearts of modular musicians, including mine. Since the introduction, new delays, reverbs, distortions, but also modulators, and generators have been added for free. I’ve reported on every new algorithm.

Today, on the 808th day, Igor (Happy Nerding) has probably introduced the greatest additions for the FX AID, voice emulations of the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machines. You get a Bass Drum, Snare, Tom, CowBell, HiHat, Clap, RimShot… generators.

FX Aid 808

FX AID TR-808 Drum Emulations

Happy Nerding describes them as “unexpected” new addition to the FX AID program. I have to agree with him, nobody expected that, a nice surprise. All drum voices comes with additional controls over the tune, attack, and decay portions. That makes them drum synth voices that can go beyond the sonic possibilities of the iconic TR-808 drum machine from 1980.

Bass Drum, Rimshot, CowBell, and Claves produce standard emulations of the left output and a bit modified on the right output. Both channels are in phase, so can be crossfaded/mixed for additional variations, that’s clever.

Clap, Snare, Tom, Maracas, Cymbal, and HiHat are stereo so they can be used with extra space already in the drums themselves. You can trigger the sound with the left input. Further, the developer added a new “generator” section in the FX AID web editor which contains these TR808 drums and “Noise Station”.  “Tuner” and “Generator” are also now available in this folder.

Igor from Happy Nerding surprises us every time with new free algorithms for his exciting module. A big thank you for this great algorithm update. That makes the module even more desirable. I’m waiting for the first 808 systems just out of FX AID modules.

The new TR-808 voice emulations for the Happy Nerding FX Aid/FX Aid XL are now available for free from the web editor.

More information here: Happy Nerding 

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