Behringer FOUR PLAY, quad VCA and mixer module for Eurorack

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Behringer FOUR PLAY is a new DC-coupled quad VCA and mixer module for Eurorack that works with audio and CV signals.

Behringer has not caused any big surprises lately. This is also due to the fact that many products were teased months in advance. This has changed recently. Many of the current new announcements (Brains, RD-8 Mk2…) were only teased briefly and only released when they were finished.

Today they are showing another product that has never been shown before. It is a new module named FOUR PLAY for the Eurorack format.

Behringer Four Play

Behringer FOUR PLAY

FOUR PLAY is a new quad VCA and mixer module for the Eurorack format. According to Behringer, it is based on the high-performance Coolaudio V2164A VCA chip. Each channel has an input/out and a CV input with a dedicated attenuator. An additional bi-color LED is included to indicate CV input activity and polarity.

Then, you get an input boost switch on each channel that adds extra gain for lower-level input signals. With the curve controls, you can set the ideal CV response curve from fully exponential to linear, or any combination of the two. As usual, the level parameter controls the VCA gain and allows manual control over the signal output. Nice, the VCA’s are DC coupled means you can process both audio and CV signals with the FOUR PLAY module.

Intellijel Quad VCA Clone

It looks like FOUR PLAY is a clone/rip-off of the Intellijel QuadVCA module as it has the same layout and functions. Even the positioning of the knobs and switches are identical.

It’s a shame because Behringer has the power to develop its own modules without looking at small companies. Please support the original developer Intellijel. The latter is a small Canadian company that has turned its passion for synthesis and knowledge into a small company.

Behringer Four play Intellijel

Behringer FOUR PLAY will be available soon for $99 USD.

More information here: Behringer

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  1. Behringer are masters at appealing to people’s greed. Suddenly the intellijel module doesn’t seem reasonably priced anymore. People will of course not be happy with just a few things when they can have many. Morals don’t matter so much if you can have what you desire, right?

    So instead of smaller innovative companies thriving and making good money to develop more cool new stuff, Behringer squashes them by copying the innovations and selling for half price. It’s detrimental to the industry. The pioneers are being choked by the copycat. Make your own products, for Pete’s sake!

    I was considering a moog 55 or system 100 oscillator for my eurorack system as they are old designs, but you know what? I don’t want to feed this bully. Or should I say BUli… ‘look at what you can have, we have stolen it and will sell it to you for cheap’. No thanks, it’s better to have less equipment and keep my sense of dignity….

  2. Why don’t you call out this shady copying for what it is? Looks like Robin Hood apparently works for the Sheriff of Nottingham these days.

  3. Bravo Behringer! You made affordable music making for everyone! I’ll buy all your modules! My last one is the Abacus (Maths) and Four LFO (Batumi). It’s a shame to request 300$ and more for a module where we talk about a few $ of material cost. The original modules are more or less also clones from some originals!

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