Superbooth 21: AVP Synth Quadwave hybrid multi-fx box & analog drum machines

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Superbooth 21: AVP Synth intros Quadwave an analog phaser/dual digital delay box and showcased its analog drum machines ADS-7 mk2 & Ritmobox

The Superbooth is the event where large and small synthesizer manufacturers meet. It is also the place where many business contacts are made and newcomer companies get media attention.

One of these companies is AVP Synth, a young company headed by Guga Gusein from Moscow (Russia). The developers have been designing analog instruments including synthesizers, drum machines, and effects since 2015. The products are hand-assembled and use discrete through-hole components and OTA chips.

AVP Synth Quadwave

There were two premieres at Superbooth 21: On the one hand, Guga introduced a multi-fx unit and showcased its two analog drum machines for the first time at SB.

AVP Synth Quadwave

AVP Synth’s new release for Superbooth 21 is a hybrid multi-fx box with hands-on controls. It features an analog phaser as well as two stereo digital delays. The latter can be operated together or seperately. There is also a multi-wave LFO with rate and depth control.

Like its analog drum machines, there is no menu, no presets… The whole device is optimised for parameter tweaks on the fly, It’s a multi-fx that invites to jam and experiment.

In addition to the new Quadwave multi-fx, AVP Synth also showcased its already available analog drum machines.


Ritmobox is a compact, all-analog discrete drum Synthesizer/drum machine with 5 fully-synthesized voices. You get CH, OH and three separate generators (G1, G2, G3). Each with its own oscillator, individual pulse (kick), noise, LFO, and other modulations. 37 knobs, 3 switches, and 14 buttons gives you full control over the sounds and channels without menu diving.

You can trigger sounds manually, with MIDI or via the built-in 8/16-step sequencer with pattern saving option. Plus, you can tap in sounds and mute/unmute them. On the back side, you have a main output, individual outputs as well a MIDI interface.

AVP Synth Ritmobox ADS-7 mk2

ADS-7 Mk2

The big brother ADS-7 mk2 is a fully analog drum Synthesizer that takes inspiration of analog drum machines/synthesizers from the 70s-80s. It has 7 indvidual sound channels including bass drum, clap, open hat, closed hat with choking on/off, and three sound generators. The latter has noise, filters (band-pass/low-pass), and more for creating all kinds of analog tones and fx sounds.

65 controls, 4 switches, and 24 buttons gives you full control over the sound channels. No menu diving, no presets, … there are parameters for everything. It has a 16-track MIDI sequencer with up to 16 banks with 16 patterns and a load/save functionality. Same connectivity on the back as Ritmobox: main output, individual outs, and a MIDI interface. Also onboard are 7 3.5mm individual trigger ins for each sound and four trigger outputs.

At first look, very nice, solid analog instruments and effects. I think the key selling points of the AVP Synth product line are the very hands-on vintage-style interfaces, the analog signal path and its characterful sound. Presets or automation would of course be nice features for future products

AVP Synth Quadwave will be around 400€ and is coming soon. ADS-7 mk2 and Ritmobox are available now for 940€ , respectively 550€.

More information here: AVP Synth 

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