Leak: ASM Hydrasynth Explorer wave morphing Synthesizer for Superbooth 21?

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LEAK: according to a Russian website ASM is preparing to release a compact 37-note, battery-powered Explorer version of the Hydrasynth wave morphing Synthesizer.

The Superbooth21 starts in a few days and the new product releases are lining up. A presumably new product leaked today on a Russian music shop website

The leak says that ASM will present a new portable Hydrasynth with the same engine but to take away.

Leak ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

According to the Russian website, the ASM Hydrasynth Explorer offers the same 8-voice sound engine as the Hydrasynth, but in a compact and portable battery-powered form factor. Super interesting: the shop says it comes with a new 37-note mid-size PolyTouch keybed that features polyphonic aftertouch. An affordable, portable synth with polyphonic aftertouch. That would be a big deal.

The United Music shop says it comes with the famous WaveScan oscillator, Mutator waveshaping. flexible dual filter section, 32-slot modulation matrix, and dual Insert and dual Master effects.Everything we know from the big brothers. But one thing not. The Explorer versions come with CV/Gate outputs for easy integration with equipment such as modular synthesizers.

ASM Hydrasynth Explorer Leak

At first look, it looks like a very exciting product. The Hydrasynth for everybody. And battery operated, with polyphonic aftertouch, CV/Gate, and for a good price. If you calculate the Russian rubles, you end up with +/- 600€. Not bad.

It’s a leak and it is not known when the portable ASM Hydrasynth Explorer will be presented but I’m definitely triggered.

Source: United Music

More information will follow here: ASM

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