U-he Triple Cheese, popular free Synthesizer plugin now with an extra slice of cheese

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U-he is refreshing its popular comb filter-based free Synthesizer plugin Triple Cheese with a new interface making it, even more, cheesier and tastier.

The market for free synthesizer plugins is huge. A list is here, will be updated shortly. But only a few stand out from the crowd. Like Vital, Surge, or excellent release from Full Bucket Music. A nice free synthesizer got a bit forgotten due to the last many releases. This is Triple Cheese from Urs Heckmann and his Berlin-based company U-he.

As reported, U-he released M1 versions of its plugins yesterday. There were two more updates that nobody expected. U-he updated two of its popular free plugins Triple Cheese and the stripped-down version of Zebra 2 ZebraCM with new GUIs. I am particularly pleased that Triple Cheese is getting an update as it is a very unique plugin.

U-he Triple Cheese

And with the new GUI, it is a reason for me to highlight this oldy but goldy free Synthesizer (16-voice poly) again. I prefer Quattro Formaggi but triple is enough, especially if it’s free like this.

U-he Triple Cheese

Triple Cheese is special because it uses a very unique engine. Instead of subtractive, VA, wavetable… it employs various types of comp filters, often in series, for sound generation. It relies on the effect you have with comb filters when they start singing, here just massively expanded. You have three comb filter modules that are arranged in series and either generate their own sound, process the output of the previous module. It gives you physical modeling-like sounds with a very organic timbre.

Then, you can shape each module with various parameters including tuning, detune, vibrato, tone, damp, and more. And four of them can also be modulated using the two onboard ADS F/R R envelopes with velocity, multi-wave LFO, or the vibrato. These are sufficient modulators to set the sound in motion. Also onboard is a dedicated VCA section with amplitude modulation and a panning option.

For an extra cheese level, Triple Cheese also comes with different delay-based effects including chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, or reverb. They include an additional LFO for extra movement and warmth. Rather classic effects that go well with the synth.

U-he Triple Cheese browser

U-he says about the modules:

“the features for each module can result in sounds that might seem a little “cheesy” or retro (think early 1980s digital synths). But when pushed, you will find Triple Cheese creates some surprisingly lush sounds”.

New Browser

The new GUI is not only a feast for the eyes but also has other advantages. It is skinnable like all other U-he plugins and it introduces a new easy-to-manage preset browser. Everything clear and well organized. No comparison to the old browser. You get 254 presets to play directly but there are hundreds more on the net. Also new is the full support for the new MTS-ESP that was developed by ODDsound and Aphex Twin.

Now there are no more reasons not to download the U-he Triple Cheese: new look, unique engine, and ready for modern computers. It’s a bargain trust me.

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  1. Why have I never heard of this till now?! If you have any interest in PM or just unique sounds in general definitely try this, it’s a lot of fun!

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