U-he goes native Apple Silicon M1 & refreshes free plugins with new GUIs

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U-he goes native Apple Silicon with new M1 versions of its current synth & effects plugins and refreshes free-/magware plugins with new GUIs.

With the new M1 processors, Apple has ushered in a new era for Mac computers. Away from Intel to its own powerful processors that consume less power, give the Macbook more battery life, and more. This change is also a big topic in the software music tech industry. Rozetta 2 already allows DAWs and plugins to run on M1 computers. However, if you want to use the full power of the M1, you have to update your plugins, DAWs …

This is happening at the moment, and with a surprise, relatively quickly. U-he, for example, has today published M1 versions of its current plugins. This is a big step as U-he is one of the most popular plugin manufacturers out there.

U-he Apple Silicon M1

U-he Apple Silicon M1 Updates

U-he promises a major performance boost with more instances as a result. A little downer AAX Mac is temporarily unavailable because native AAX support for Apple Silicon is not yet available. Pro Tools users should continue working with the previous versions until further notice.

There is also good news for users of other computer systems. U-he also improved the multicore support for Intel-based Macs and made the GUIs faster and smoother. Windows and Linux users also benefit from these changes. Then, they updated the browsers with a new drag & drop soundset installation which is a nice addition. Also new is the support for the new project-wide micro tuning standard MTS. The CPU-friendly Hive Synthesizer also got a performance update with new resource management. This means that most presets will use even less CPU.

U-he Triple Cheese ZebraCM

U-he has a big surprise for friends of the free synthesizers Triple Cheese and ZebraCM (Computer Music). Both synths just got new graphic user interfaces making them more modern and intuitive. Big thanks for this.

The new U-he plugin versions with native Apple Silicon M1 support are available now as a free update for existing customers.

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