Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) releases 60 new patches for the Sequential OB-6

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Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) celebrates the vintage mode of the Sequential OB-6 analog Synthesizer with 60 new retro synth-inspired presets. 

Preset libraries don’t have the best reputation among Synthesizer players. However, one should not underestimate them, even speak badly. They can serve as a good starting point, can inspire or fill the gap in your sound arsenal. Especially if you are working on a track for which you do not have the right sounds.

They can also just make fun and let the synth shine in a new light. So you can play the instrument without wasting a long time programming your own sounds. That fits in with the sounds of Matt Johnson from Jamiroquai. A very talented musician but also a Synthesizer expert and sound designer. He recently released a new sound library for the mighty Sequential OB-6 which may be a must-have for every owner of this analog instrument.

Matt Johnson OB-6 Preset Pack

Sequential OB-6 Preset Pack

The new preset pack by Matt Johnson features 50 signature patches plus a bonus bank making a total of 60 sounds. For this new sound library, Matt Johnson put the focus on the new Vintage Mode function of the OB-6. This function gives the OB-6 a looser, more organic sound that emulates the behavior of vintage synthesizers. More precisely, the behavior of individual oscillators, filters, and envelopers varies from voice to voice.

Matt Johnson Sequential OB-6 preset back is available now for £29.99.

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