Roland Fantom 2.5 firmware adds Virtual ToneWheel engine & Ableton Live support

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Roland Fantom 2.5 firmware update adds fully customizable organ sounds via the new Virtual ToneWheel engine and Ableton Live remote control.

Roland introduced the new Fantom Synthesizer workstations in 2019 at Abbey Studios in London. Much was not ready at this point. But that has changed. In the last two years, Fantom’s feature set has expanded enormously. New multi-sampling engine, new effects, Modal Expansions .. to name a few new features.

Today Roland released the firmware update 2.5, another major free update that is dedicated to the organ instrument.

Roland Fantom 2.5

Roland Fantom Firmware Update 2.5

In addition to the multi-sampling and Zen Core engine, the new Roland Fantom series gets another engine. Fantom 2.5 update adds a new Virtual ToneWheel engine that is evolved from the famous Roland VK organ series. It faithfully emulates the sound-generating process of a real tone-wheel organ. The engine is pretty deep. It includes several tone wheel types with adjustable percussion, key click, leakage, and more. There’s also a lush rotary effect with variable speed, brake control, and tube distortion characteristics.

The engine is operable with Roland Fantoms’s touchscreen, sliders, knobs, and keyboard action. This is not a feature highlight for electronic musicians. Musicians who deal with progressive rock, jazz, classic rock … will be very happy.

Ableton Live Integration

A second new addition is the official integration of Ableton Live in the Roland Fantom series. After Logic Pro, GarageBand, and Mainstage … this is the fourth DAW software to find support here. Via FANTOM’s high-resolution touchscreen, it’s possible to view and launch clips in Live’s Session view, access Live’s mixer parameters, and trigger transport functions.

Plus with Fantom’s knobs, sliders, and pads, you can now operate macro controls, control mix levels, play drum racks, and more. Thus, it turns the Fantom workstation into a versatile touch-screen-powered Ableton Live controller.

The new Roland Fantom 2.5 firmware update is available now as a free download from the official website.

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