Roland Fantom 2.0 Intros Multisampling, New Effects, Touch Automations & More

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Roland delivers with the firmware update 2.0 a long-awaited update for its Fantom workstation Synthesizer including multisampling, new effects & more

Shortly before the end of a rich Synthesizer week, Roland drops a small bomb. With the firmware 2.0, the company brings out a major update for their current Fantom Synthesizer lineup and one that users have been waiting for a long time.

A little look back: it is exactly one year ago that Roland presented the Fantom series alongside its new Jupiter X/Xm synthesizers, MC-101 & MC-707 grooveboxes… Now there is an update that adds many functions that we wanted from the beginning.

Roland Fantom Firmware 2.0

Multisampling & Effects

The biggest noticeable upgrade received the sample section of the Fantom. In firmware 2.0, the Fantom can now sample internal and external sound sources, more precisely you can now record in guitars, external synths but also internal sound generators like the vocoder. The recorded sounds can be mapped on the keyboard or pads. Most users will be happy about the new multisampling functions, with which the Fantom becomes a big sampler instrument. With up to 352 samples per tone, it can create big custom instruments. On top, these can be used as oscillators/partials in the ZEN Core engine what opens up a lot of new sound design possibilities.

Apart from the multisampling functions, the firmware 2.0 doesn’t make the actual ZEN-core synth part any better. For example, there is still no support for Roland Cloud model expansions such as the Jupiter-8… which should come in the future, hopefully. Also, the internal TFX (total effect processor)  section got a big update. In addition to the previous EQ and compressor, a multi-effect with 90 different effects has been added and is now available in the master section. On top, Fantom 2.0 introduces new routings options for the effects, more precisely you can choose where you place them.

Automation & Layering

Compared to classic synthesizers, the sequencer is an essential part in the workstation and is the heart of it. Roland also gave this important feature more power. Now it’s possible to draw and edit automations with different gestures on the touchscreen. With this, you can create very quickly complex, evolving modulation sequences. For fine adjustments, it now comes with a new microscope mode.

That’s not all. The new Fantom 2.0 update also brings improvements to all 16 zones. Internal and external sounds can now be layered and split within a zone, which gives you more flexibility in how deep your sounds or performance should be. In addition, the scene chain function should now be clearer and easier to use thanks to a new list view.

Roland Fantom 2.0 firmware update is available now as a free download for all Fantom 6, 7, 8 users.

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