Noise Engineering releases free experimental plugins: Sinc Vereor, Virt Vereor & Ruina

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Noise Engineering infuses experimental sound energies into your DAWs with Sinc Vereor, Virt Vereor & Ruina, three new free VST/AU/AAX plugins. 

Experimental synthesizers and effects may not be the right tool for every musician. However, they are often significantly more future-oriented in terms of synthesis and other features than classical instruments. When it comes to innovative synthesis/effects, the US-based company Noise Engineering is one of the top addresses.

Stephen McCaul and Kris Kaiser‘s team is particularly well known in the Eurorack sector. With the collaboration with Arturia in January, they ventured into standalone, and recently they started developing very special plugins. 3 more plugins have recently been added and they are free for everyone.

Noise Engineering Sinc Vereor Virt Vereor

Free Plugins

Yes, you read that right. There are three new plugins (VST3, AU, AAX), all currently in a public beta. All of them have a minimal set of features but these are very experimental and easy-to-use. The engines bundle different synthesis concepts, some are known from their Eurorack modules, which are known to be anything but bread and butter.

Noise Engineering Sinc Vereor

Sinc Vereor is a Synthesizer plugin that brings back the sound of the gone-but-not-forgotten Sinc Iter Eurorack module. It starts in a more classic way with classic waveforms like a saw, triangle, and square. You blend between these waveforms to get interesting intermediate results. By tweaking the wave folding tone control, the sound becomes more harmonically rich and complex.  Bye-bye classic sounds.

Plus, you have a super mode that adds 6 phase-offset oscillators and a noise mode for all noisemakers. This lets you generate noise-based percussion, effects, and more. All this is paired with an ADSR envelope with a variable slope and an analog-inspired multimode gate/filter unit. To refine the sound, it also includes a vintage-inspired chorus. A synth that melts both subtractive and modern synthesis techniques in a plugin.

Sinc Vereor

NE Virt Vereor

The second in the league is Virt Vereor which is another Synthesizer plugin. Unlike Sinc Vereor, it uses a set of unique synthesis algorithms which celebrates its premiere in the Arturia MicroFreak 3.0 update. These will also be available later in the upcoming Virt Iter module. It includes:

  • Bass – a quadrature algorithm by Bernie Hutchins
  • Sawx – a supersaw inspired beast
  • Harm  – an additive algorithm with spectral control and distortion of partials

Anyone who knows the algorithms from the MicroFreak 3.0 update knows exactly how special and beautiful weirdly they sound. Also here, the interface and the remaining features are the same: an ADSR envelope, multimode gate/filter, and a chorus effect. Virt Vereor is a great synth for razor-sharp and unique basses, leads, or just experimental sounds.

NE Ruina

Ruina is a creative stereo distortion plugin built on seven digital distortion algorithms inspired by the Ruina Versio module. No emulation here so these are new algorithms just for the plugins. The plugin features a wavefolder, a multiband saturator, a chaotic suboctave generator, octavizer, and phase shifter. It also features a notch or bandpass filter with adjustable tracking, and a control to set the order of the distortions in the signal flow to further customize your sound.

Lastly, you get an overdrive that adds 128x gain of maximal destruction. Ruina is capable of creating warm, lush distortion up to complex destruction at high settings. That promises a lot of experimental fun.

And all three plugins come with a good selection of presets with which you can jam right away.

At first look, Noise Engineering is giving away three very special plugins to their community. All three are innovative, special and opens up new sound design possibilities. Thank you.

To benefit from this free deal, just login/create a user account and download the NE Products Installer. They run as a VST3, AU, AAX plugin on macOS & Windows and are free of charge.

More information here: Noise Engineering 

Free Plugins 

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