Akai Pro MPC 2.10 adds new plugin instruments, effects, USB audio interface support & more

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Akai Pro MPC 2.10 is a massive free feature update for the current MPC lineup including four new plugin instruments, creative effects, USB audio interface support & more.

The start of the new Akai Pro MPC generation was a bit bumpy. Lots of bugs, unfinished software, etc. That has changed a lot in the last few years. Many new features, instruments (drum synth…), workflow improvements, and bugs have been fixed. The MPC series has changed a lot and developed into a powerful, versatile groovebox. Such support for existing products is always welcome.

The journey continues today with another major free update. The MPC 2.10 adds a lot of functionality to all current MPC hardware and software products. No Akai Force update yet but pretty it will follow soon as it uses a similar engine.

Akai Pro MPC 2.10

Akai MPC 2.10 Update

The article can be a little longer because there is a lot of new stuff and keep in mind, all that comes next is available as a free update. Starting with the virtual instrument section that got a major boost with four new instruments.

  • AIR Hype: a versatile, polyphonic Synthesizer
  • AIR Mellotron: an emulation of a legendary tape-based sampling keyboard
  • Solina: a virtual instrument based on the classic string Synthesizer keyboard
  • WayOutWare Odyssey, a recreation of the all-time favorite analog duophonic synth with added extensive controls.

Akai Pro says that these aren’t just basic emulation of iconic analog synthesizers, but an interactive sound engine with built-in processing and controls for experimenting and creating inventive sounds. These four massively expand the sound engine spectrum of the MPC devices. Especially in the vintage area. Very nice.

AIR Vocal Suite

Singers and musicians who want to experiment with vocals also benefit from the new MPC 2.10 update. It now ships with the AIR Vocal insert effects suite, a collection of built-in plugins made for manipulating and fine-tune your vocals including pitch and harmonic effects.

AIR Effects

The main effects engine also got an update. It now comes with 7 new effects plugins. It includes a new AIR Stutter and Granulator, Limiter that opens up new sound design options. Also, a half-speed effect, a limiter… have been added to the effect section. I am very happy about the granulator addition. It is not a complete granular sampler engine, but hey, it is a small step towards it.

MPC 2.10 audio interface

USB Audio Interface Support

The new MPC 2.10 update also introduces support for class-compliant audio interface devices. Thus, you can connect an audio interface to it and expand the output section for up to 32 inputs and outputs. Individual outputs, here we go.

Drum & Keygroup Engine Updates

Further, the MPC Drum Program and Keygroup engines are enhanced for more creativity and on-the-fly performance effects. Akai Sample Tail adds a natural decay to samples, eliminating abrupt chops and clip noises. Then, Keygroup Programs now have a portamento feature for smooth note slides as well as achieving the ubiquitous 808 kick drum glide sound of contemporary music production.

The drum programs also offer now 12 plugin effects, some including RingMode, BitCrush, and Bass Enhancer. Perfect for real-time processing or on the fly manipulations of your drum samples.

Workflow Enhancements

There are also a good amount of workflow improvements:

  • Recursive Search simplifies and speeds up the sample search
  • automatic key detection for your imported samples
  • Browse and search through MPC Plugin Instrument presets right from the File, Media, and TUI browsers.
  • FX Racks allows you to create custom effects chains.

At first glance a huge update for the MPC series. Lots of new instruments, especially synthesizers, lots of effects… Big thanks Akai Pro. What is your favorite feature?

Akai Pro MPC 2.10 update is a free update for all existing customers for MPC One, MPC Live II, MPC X, and software version.

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