Noise Engineering Bundle 1: three experimental, wild synth & effects plugins

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Noise Engineering Bundle 1 features three experimental plugins based on the Cursus Vereor, Basimilus Iterita and Desmodus modules. 

With the Frequel Bundle, Noise Engineering recently released an exciting bundle of three free innovative, experimental plugins for macOS und Windows.

Today the Eurorack manufacturer’s VST journey continues with three more plugins. In a first commercial bundle 1, you get three new instrument and effects based on previously released hardware modules.

Noise Engineering Bundle 1

Noise Engineering Bundle 1

The Bundle 1 bundles three brand-new Synthesizer and effects plugins with an experimental touch. Like the stunning free plugins, they are again based on codes from their innovative Eurorack modules:

Noise Engineering Basimilus

Basimilus Iteritas

The first new plugin is a digital drum Synthesizer with a 6-oscillator additive/FM synthesis core with adjustable waveforms, harmonic spread and envelope timing. For the crunchy, characterful timbres, there is also a noise oscillator and a wavefolder. Modulation side, it comes with four versatile LFOs, envelopes, macro controls, and flexible randomizers.

Noise Engineering Cursus Vereor

Cursus Vereor

Cursus Vereor is a Synthesizer that creates its sounds by dynamically generating oscillator waveforms. It uses spectral synthesis with three distinct synthesis modes based on different concepts of frequency. Including Fourier (sines), Daubechies (wavelets) and Walsh (square waves).

It features an ADSR envelope with curve shaping and a dynamics section featuring a VCA and a lowpass gate plus a vintage-inspired chorus. Also onboard are the 4 multi-wave LFOs, randomizers and more. According to the developer, it works great at chords and pads as well as gentle leads and hard-hitting basses. The sounds range from almost naturally acoustic to harsh and edgy.

Noise Engineering Desmodus


The third new plugin is a virtual version of their gorgeous Desmodus stereo reverb. It’s not just a classic as it goes further. The strength of the plugin is to generate synthetic tails rather than simulating rooms and spaces. It features three unique algorithms: clean, distorted, and a pitch-shifting shimmer.

The plugin is capable to warp up any sound with a dark, looming textures that can be described as unusual spaces, alien atmospheres and more. All this can be played like an instrument. It also includes a tempo-synced version called Electus enabling clock-synced echoes and pre-delay. Also here you can find the rich modular system with 4 LFOs….


Three fascinating experimental plugins. I’m particularly pleased with the release of Desmodus as a plugin. It’s one of the most bizarre, special reverbs I’ve heard to date.

Noise Engineering Bundle 1 is available now for $119 USD or the plugins individually for $49 USD each. They run as a VST, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Noise Engineering 

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  1. the free ones are right up there with my favorite plugins of all time – can’t even begin to imagine what these can do!

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