Native Instruments adds new Pro-53 inspired Poly Synth to the Maschine platform

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Native Instruments Maschine 2.14 & nativeOS 1.3 brings a new virtual analog Pro-53 inspired Poly Synth to the Maschine platform.

Yes, there are also synthesizers that have cult status, not just hardware synths. One of them was the Pro-53 plugin from Native Instruments. A very good Prophet 5 emulation that has been discontinued and has not been reissued. It’s a shame, it was a really great-sounding plugin.

Now we are in the year 2021 and there is still no further development of the Pro-53. But, it is celebrating a comeback on the Maschine platform. It’s not the same plugin but it has the spirit of it.

Maschine + 1.3

Native Instruments Maschine 2.14: Poly Synth

The new Maschine 2.14 update and nativeOS 1.3 updates add a new Synthesizer to the toolbox. The core engine is inspired by an old NI plugin, the Pro-53, which was an excellent Prophet 5 emulation. Instead of reviving the plugin, Maschine users can now benefit from it.

Poly Synth is a 16-voice, dual-oscillator Synthesizer that captures the spirit of golden-era 80s hardware vintage analog synths including the Prophet 5. It includes two oscillators, a multi-mode filter, two envelope generators, an LFO, and modulation routings including a powerful Poly Mod option. There is also a modulation system that can be operated with the encoders.

They designed the synth, specially for the Maschine platform. This way, you can tweak every parameter very intuitively on the Maschine hardware. It ships with 250 presets ranging from pads and plucks, to classic organ and bass sounds with unison voicing, as well SFX-style sweeps and risers.

More Features

Maschine + also got additional new features. You can now wirelessly update plugins on the Maschine + and both + and Mk3 now integrates the MIDI change panel from the Maschine software. This means users can send Scene, Section, and Parameter Lock changes via external MIDI.

Also new the ability to save presets for the instrument and FX settings directly from Maschine + and they are also compatible with the desktop version.

Glad to see the Pro-53 come alive again in a different synthesizer. Hopefully in a new plugin in the future too.

The new Maschine 2.14 update and nativeOS 1.3 updates are available now as a free download from Native Access or from the preference panel.

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