Cre8audio Capt’n Big-O oscillator & Mr. Phil Ter VCA, env & filter module, with Pittsburgh Modular

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Cre8Audio sets sail with its new Capt’n Big-O analog oscillator and Mr. Phil Ter multi-function module, both affordable and made in collaboration with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers.

Eurorack is much easier to get started with thanks to affordable modules. All those who now say, “thanks to Behringer”, only have half rights. Smaller manufacturers also publish modules, cases for small budgets. See Dreadbox with their Chromatics Series or Cre8audio. The latter have the NiftyBundle on the market, which offers a lot for little money. A solid case with a built-in power supply, midi, and audio I/O as well as two modules. Alternatively also without.

Now the journey of the young company Cre8audio continues with two new affordable modules, Capt’n BIG-O and Mr Phil Ter. And they have taken a well-known manufacturer “capt’n” on board for the oscillator.

Capt’n Big-O

Cre8audio Capt’n Big-O

Capt’n Big-O is a new analog oscillator module (14HP) that was developed in collaboration with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers. This already promises a lot and they say it’s made for big massive analog sounds. Pittsburgh Modular says that is not based on chips but on all-analog design. The design path that PM has taken in the last few years can also be observed in this module. Away from “more of the same” classic towards unique modules with a fat, harmonic-rich sound. For the asking price, it offers a lot.

It offers sine, triangle, saw, and square waveforms with individual outputs. Then you get hard sync, pulse width modulation, and both linear and exponential FM inputs with dedicated inputs and attenuators. The extra delicacy of this new analog oscillator is its built-in wave folder and drive circuit which massively expands the sonic spectrum. There is a normalization between the sine and wave folder but you can break this by patching any other waveform in it. The drive section is nice to add saturation and sonic grit to your sound. Alternatively, you can use it as a VCA as well.

Crea8Audio Mr. Phil Ter

Mr. Phil Ter is a hybrid multi-function module that consists of a digital dual envelope generator, an analog VCA, and a filter in just 12HP. Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers was also involved here and developed the analog part. The interface matches nicely that of the older modules Chipz and takes a similar direction. Lots of functions in one compact module.

Pittsburgh developed the voltage-controlled amplifier circuit (VCA), as well as the classic, juicy-sounding transistor ladder-filter with self-oscillation capabilities. The digital dual envelope has fast and slow outputs as well as an easter egg mode. It activates a 7bit sample & hold mode on the envelope. There is no normalization here, which has the advantage of being able to patch freely.

Further, as a little bonus release, Cre8Audio also introduced wood ends named BigEARS for the NiftyCase.With this, you can easily join two cases

At first glance, two exciting modules from Cre8Audio. Especially the analog oscillator with its many shaping options could add many harmonics to any beginner setup.

Cre8audio Capt’n Big-O is available soon for $149 and Mr. Phil Ter for $99 USD. BigEARScosts $39.

More information here: Cre8audio

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