Mijk van Dijk groovy synth live performance (lsb_TV)

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Also, the Berlin-based DJ and electronic music producer Mijk van Dijk got an invitation to play for the artist collective and video art gallery Liquid Sky Berlin.

Mijk van Dijk is known for classic, technoid sounds with the Roland TB-303, TR-808/909… Interesting for the LSB_TV performance, the artist took a different direction. Somewhat darker and dirtier to match the collective sound. The tempo is also slower. It reminds me a lot of downtempo, Psybient … music. Recognizable by the concise TB-303 (31:30) that reminds me of tracks from Carbon Based Lifeforms, one of my favorite bands.

MVD used for his live performance a lot of Roland gear including a TR-8S, a TB-303, and an Aira MX-1 mixer. The setup also includes an Erica Synths Ninja Tune delay box, a Launchpad, and more.

More information here: MvD

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