Behringer TD-3-MO, Modded Out Analog Bassline Synthesizer

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Behringer TD-3-MO is the modded out version of its TB-303 analog bassline Synthesizer clone with new features based on the DevilFish mods

New day new Behringer Synthesizer. And yes the rumors were right. Behringer has released a new version of its best-selling TD-3 (Roland TB-303 clone). The TD-3-MO is the modded out bassline analog Synthesizer with numerous circuit modifications. Robin Whittle aka DevilFish made them famous. Other modders have also offered these as they are freely accessible.

However, Behringer has not entered into an official buisness partnership with DevilFish here, which was a bit of a shame. Especially because many associate these TB-303 circuit modifications with Robin Whittle.

Behringer TD-3-MO

Behringer TD-3-MO

The TD-3-MO can do everything that the first Behringer TB-303 clone can but also a lot more. It starts the filter frequency that is now fully controllable via MIDI CC. A new sub-harmonics oscillators with switchable out level gives you more low end and expands the sonic spectrum of the TD-3. Then, it comes with a new analog slide circuitry with external slide control perfect for tying notes together.  It has a slide time control for variable slide time and it is up to 6 time longer as the on the TD-3.

Next, you get new switches for the sweep speed and accent. The first offers 3 accent speed modes (slow, norm, fast), the accent sweep switch gives you 3 sweep combinations with a high resonance mode. You can also discover new things on the filter and VCA. It now features filter FM that modulates the frequency of the filter from the audio output of the VCA. It also comes now with filter tracking of the current note.

The VCA has been expanded with a muffler circuit that features a post VCA distortion with full bass response. For those who like it dirtier, you’ve come to the right place. Further, you get a dedicated accent push button with which you can manually activate the accent.

Behringer TD-3-MO

More Features

That’s not all of the new features. The new soft attack & normal controls give you a wider range of attack and decay times for non-accent notes. The additional accent control adds a wider range of decay time for accented notes. Instead of the TD-3 distortion, the TD-3-MO is equipped with a new overdrive that adds spice and edge to your sounds.

Behringer has also made the TD-3-MO much more compatible with modular synthesizers thanks to many new CV and Gate inputs and outputs.

First Impression

At first glance a much more feature-rich TD-3. I know the article will read both sides of Behringer, lovers and enemies. Yes, these mods have become known through DevilFish. However, since these are not protected and are open to everyone, Behringer cannot be criticized much here.

However, it would have been nice if both had an agreement as we know that Robin is one of the key modder who made these modifications popular. Plus, he was also interested in realizing this project with Behringer.

Behringer TD-3-MO is available soon for $199 USD.

More information here: Behringer

TD-3-MO is available for pre-order at our partner (Thomann)

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  1. “Behringer has not entered into an official business partnership with DevilFish here, which was a bit of a shame. Especially because many associate these TB-303 circuit modifications with Robin Whittle.”

    That’s on Whittle. They offered him a deal and he completely overplayed his hand. He probably could’ve negotiated a better deal but he was asking for ridiculous terms like royalties for every unit sold and wanting them to be sold for double the price of the standard TD-3. Meanwhile he charges a ridiculous premium to modify an already existing product.

    Personally I just bought the TD-3 and I love it. Not sure If I’ll plop down for this version but for how inexpensive they are they did a bang up job.

    • No. It’s acceptable for someone to refuse to license their idea if the offer is unreasonably low or not in their best interest. That doesn’t give Behringer any right to say, “oh, well, we’ll sell your brilliant idea as our own anyway.”

      Music Tribe is appropriating the work of others and selling it as their own. Roland, Sequential, Moog, Oberheim, PPG, ARP, EDP, Octave…

      • No. It’s a job like any other. You get an offer, you negotiate and if you get above what they are willing to give you then you are out and the company will have to take measures to do the job. Sometimes you have leverage, sometimes you dont. That’s how it goes. We’ll never know for sure what happened in that negotiation but one thing is for sure, an offer was made and it falled thru for a reason.

  2. I’m actually pleased this is coming. I know I’ve seen plenty of TD3 mods, but I don’t know anyone who could do them for me. Now it seems I don’t even have to. But even better, are the CV ins and outs. Which I can utilize with my Crave and possibly my Moogerfoogers/CP251. As for the original creator of DevilFish feeling left out, I don’t really care. What I do care about is the new features and the price. $199. I’m fine with that. I’m just wondering when we can expect this though. It’s funny actually, I was thinking of picking up a 2nd TD3 anyway to have access to more patterns and possibly syncing 2 to become stereo. But now I can go into new territory with this new version. So it’s a great time to get Behringer gear.

  3. DevilFish should have taken the deal instead of asking for close to a million.. his mods are ridiculously overpriced and don’t sound that great anyway.. I have a TD-3 in black and silver they sound better than a TB-303 in my opinion yes I have used the original.. I will get the TD-3 mod in yellow next thank you Behringer..

    • I don’t know about that. I’m no bot or apologist for a large company (and there’s plenty Behringer can and has been criticized for) but Robin Whittle didn’t do himself any favours with his demands – assuming what I read was true.

  4. It is amazing, these shills. And even removing the variables from the equation (Whittle, his mods) paying anyone whose mods you are taking $15k makes clear their business model.

  5. Adding modded oscillators and midi functionality to a 303 is hardly something that one could patent. Unfortunately for DevilFish, the law is not set up to favor 3rd party innovators.

  6. I keep on saying, if it wasnt for Roland and devil fish, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. No one would be saying “I’m glad behringer are doing this” because they couldn’t have done so without them. This isn’t the same as a founding concept being developed for the good of all, its copying other peoples homework and making money from their efforts.

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