Ensure Sound Prodigy VCO, new analog oscillator based on the Moog Prodigy

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Ensure Sound reproduces the Moog Prodigy a second time, but this time only the VCO section which can now be explored in a new module.

In 1979 Moog released the Prodigy, an inexpensive 2-oscillator monophonic analog Synthesizer. It’s been a long time, but the interest has remained. So strong that a new company called Ensure Sound released a clone of this vintage synth as a Eurorack module in 2017.

And the developers don’t have enough Prodigy sound yet. Now there is also a Prodigy VCO.

Ensure Sound Prodigy VCO

Ensure Sound Prodigy VCO

For their new Prodigy VCO (12HP), Ensure Sound uses again the Moog Prodigy circuit. This time not as a complete voice but only as a full-analog VCO. The developer says it’s a modified clone of the original oscillator section realized with modern SMD components.

Prodigy VCO features four waveforms (saw, pulse, triangle, sine) and a square waveform sub-oscillator with -1 and -2 octaves.  Each waveform, as well as the sub-oscillator, has individual outputs. For the tuning, you get a precision tune potentiometer rotary counter knob. Next to this, you get a 5-octave range rotary switch.

The available waveforms can also be shaped/deformed in many ways using pulse width modulation (PWM), linear & logarithmic FM, soft and hard sync. So seen well-equipped VCO with a lot of features. And many of these are additions to the original circuit.

There is currently no sound demo for the Prodigy VCO. Since this is based on the ER-16 voice, you can use it as a sound reference.

The Prodigy VCO is a clone, it’s no secret. Thanks to the new features, the module is significantly more versatile than the original. If you are looking for the Moog Prodigy sound for the rack, this module could be very interesting.

Ensure Sound Prodigy VCO is available now for 140€ + 15€ for shipping. If you are interested in a purchase, please contact Ensure Sound on Facebook in a personal message.

More information here: Ensure Sound FB

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