Native Instruments releases Maschine Mk3 Dinamo limited edition

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The Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 controller got a makeover by the Basel-based Studio Dinamo with distinctive fonts & a white look.

It’s hard to believe but the Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 is celebrating its fourth birthday this year. As if the release in October 2017 had only just been. And it has lost nothing of class and charm. It continues to look very modern and optically fit into the current music tech picture.

In order to get the focus again on the Mk3 controller, Native Instruments decided to give it a small, limited-edition makeover. The Maschine Dinamo is a limited-run Maschine Mk3. It’s part of a new collaboration between the Berlin-based music company and Basel -type foundry. If you like the controller in white with capital letters, you should read on now.

Maschine Mk3 Dinamo

Maschine Mk3 Dinamo

The inside of the Mk3 Dinamo machine is identical to the regular one. It only got new unique clothes from the Basel-based design studio.

NI says in the official press release:

Inktrap fonts originally included notches designed to stop ink bleed in early printing. Dinamo’s rework lends the style contemporary utility by controlling light bleed on MASCHINE’s lazer-etched buttons.

The typeface wraps the edges of the unit in a double nod to 80s and 90s-era throw-up graffiti and marquee news tickers – both ubiquitous to the decades that spawned sample-based music making.

MASCHINE Dinamo is the latest in a series of limited-edition runs that earlier this year saw the KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 overhauled with a molten blue colorway in collaboration with Timbaland’s Beatclub.

The release marks the first time Native has opened the iconic MASCHINE line to a collaboration with a design studio.

As eye-catching and crazy as the Dinamo Edition looks, I have to admit I prefer the simple, black version of the Maschine Mk3. I would probably be too distracted by the many graphics. I really loved the orange version of it.

Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 Dinamo is available now for $649 USD/599€ and is limited to 750 units. And don’t forget the NI summer sale ends June 30th, 2021. Don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade or update your software with a major discount.

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