KINDZAudio DDZynth2, Hybrid Synth Plugin For Experimental Musicians

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KINDZAudio DDZynth2 bundles 5 unusual synthesis types in an experimental Synthesizer plugin made to explore new sonic worlds. 

There are tons of Synthesizer plugins. Whether free or payware, there are virtual instruments for every budget. Often, however, the same synthesizers get the most focus. This is because big players have more marketing budgets to push their products hard in the market.

Even in the soft synth world, which is growing every day, there are instruments that few people know. They are often very special, often bizarre plugins with rather inconspicuous interfaces and big names. A kind of experimental scene with talented coders. Here at Synth Anatomy, I give these developers a stage too. About Massive (X), Serum … we will soon know everything, but do you also know KINDZAudio from Russia.

Kindzaudio DDZynth

KINDZAudio DDZynth2

KINDZAudio has recently updated its DDZynth2 Synthesizer plugin to version 2.503. A perfect moment to put the focus on it. DDZsynth2 is a hybrid Synthesizer plugin that uses various known and very novel synthesis concepts. From FFT-based additive synthesis, harmonic, complex oscillator-style with cross-frequency/phase modulation to granular synthesis (samples or waves) that has been introduced with version 2.4. A true synthesis playground.

There is also terrain synthesis, probably for many sound designers and musicians an unknown technique. It’s basically a further development of ordinary wavetable synthesis. Curtis Roads has written about it in his Computer Music Tutorial book. A highlight for me is the ability to pain own waveforms, edit them further, and uses them as waveforms in the different engines. With this option, you can quickly discover new harmonic-rich sound design areas. Bye-bye classic waveforms. Bye-bye classic waveforms.

All five synthesis engines flow then to a mixer where you can determine the proportion. So you can combine them as you like, which makes it very interesting in terms of sound design.

Modulation & Effects

Then there is a multimode filter with a built-in ADSR envelope, very handy. The modulation engine is solid but it could host deeper especially crazier ideas. It includes five LFOs that can act either as low-frequency oscillators or envelope generators. Features like slew, sync, note sh… make the LFOs more flexible. Each LFO has its own built-in modulation matrix in which you can modulate up to 6 parameters.

To give the sounds the finishing touch, the plugin also has numerous effects. Including a custom-built reverb with an experimental reverberation algorithm, various waveshaper, and distortion algorithms, phaser, and chorus.

DDZynth2 is not revolutionizing the synth plugin market, but it shows that there are also virtual instruments with a lot of experimental spirit. It sounds very different, probably too bizarre and strange for many. It’s definitely not your one-press super synth. I’m glad to see that there are developers who come up with such ideas. It won’t be a hit, but it enriches the market a lot.

KINDZAudio DDZynth 2 is available now for 95€ and runs as a 64-bit VST, VST3, and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: KINZAudio 

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