Imaginando VS, multi-layer visual Synthesizer for macOS, Windows & iOS

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Imaginando VS, a visual synth plugin for macOS, Windows, & iOS powered by graphical shaders to create visuals that interact with your audio & MIDI. 

An artist has published his new album. The next thing to do is to promote it. Either with a lot of video content, hello 2020 or with live performances. Visuals play an important role in both situations. With them, you can bundle your music into an audiovisual experience to which you take your listeners with you.

Can a musician also produce visuals? Few artists have a talent for both, I would say. In case you haven’t, there are tools that can help you. A new one comes from Portugal from the developer Imaginando. VS is a new visual Synthesizer plugin for macOS, Windows, and iPad.

Imaginando VS Synthesizer

Imaginando VS Synthesizer

VS actually works like a classic Synthesizer plugin in your DAW but without audio. It uses graphical shaders (materials) to render procedurally generated geometrical visuals. The plugin ships with 50 built-in materials that range from simples to advanced figures. These can be layered upon one of the 8 available polyphonic visual layers.

Imaginado says that is comparable with an 8 voice polysynth. Instead of multiple piano keys that make the sound, you can here display multiple visual voices of its material. The layers sit upon a custom background image or video layer. Together they form very advanced visuals.

Like a traditional synth, you have here 4 LFOs and 2 envelopes that can respond to MIDI or audio triggers. This lets you modulate the parameters and thereby make the layers move and even dance wildly. Further, you have a modulation matrix for routing your sources to any available destinations. Each layer can

What makes it so exciting for musicians is the integration. It runs as a VST/AU plugin inside your DAW and thus your produced animations are perfectly in sync with your MIDI and audio signals. The plugin ships with presets created by new media artist and YouTuber Perplex On. Highly recommended channel.

First Look

The VS Visual Synthesizer can convince me very much at first glance because it is very optimized for simple work. Visual software tools are often very complex programs like DAWs, which you have to learn a long time before you can get a result. Learning by doing. It looks clearly hands-on and promises instant visual fun.

Imaginando VS is available now for an introductory price of 49,50€ for macOS and Windows. You can use the license on up to 5 computers. There is also an iPad version with AUv3 support for $9.99 USD.

More information here: Imaginando 

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